Powerfully effecting every cell in the body, giving them the energy of health and life-force in perfected streams of SpectroChrome Harmonic Color therapy and/or FIR Lighting. Sound, from a 6-speaker system inside of the bed form a world-class sound therapy, combined with in the energetic field created by over 100 GEMS, minerals and homeopathic materials INFUSED INTO  Naturally Electric Quartz Vogel Crystals.


“Quartz is capacitor, a condenser, and a harmonizer of the subtle energy and vibrational frequencies from potentially hundreds of Gems and other fillings placed inside of ARCs. A Water-Resonant Harmonic of Energy, Literally Showering the body in waves of the most peaceful, natural, and enhancing energies on the planet. Inducing codes in magnetism and light that can only be found in, harmonized by, and transmitted through ARC Vogel Quartz.”

These beds express the true power and magic of Gems. Combined with the Vogel Crystal, “this has Vast Medical Potentials”. Connie Berk, Harvard Integrative Medicine.  “There is no other therapy system or tool that can do this to the mind, body, or spirit, and this is ALL NATURAL.”

The signature patterns of GEMS are induced into the body in gentle showers of perfected waves of Light, Magnetism, and Perfect Vibrational Resonance.

These Energies are purely EARTH’s Way of Calming the mind and body in minutes. Charging your bio-Battery, and forever working to increase the quality of your life and consciousness. It has become apparent to many doctors, that Pain and many diseases amount from stress in the mind, and that many other diseases are a result of a person being worn out. Their bio-battery is drained. It is a profound reality of this therapy. ARC Gem Lights De-Stress the mind and body, and Charges the Bio-Battery in ways that NOTHING Else does.

The A.R.C. Light Harmonies

Sound resonates beautifully with the crystals and the user from inside of this World Class Sound Therapy Bed. A powerful sound system,  5 speakers with a sub-woofer vibrate through the natural woods used in our ARC beds. Sound and GEMS are synergistic. The sound vibrations stimulate the crystals. Scientifically providing an energetic compression upon them, causing a piezoelectric excitement in the quartz and tourmaline. They actually emit subtle ionic lighting into your bloodstream. Energy IS Information. The most Pristine energetics on the planet. Encoded with the energetics of the rest of the materials placed inside. Exciting and naturally stimulating and cleansing you, and causing a domino effect of reactions of Gem Synergies. Then they all sing, excited and emitting various infrared, phonon, photon, vibration, negative ions, and many more Gem Energy interactions and emissions. Beginning with Sound of the ARC Bed.

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