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This is a copy of the first Psychic Research Inc. Newsletter, that we have transcribed for your light. This is also the beginning of the “Crystal Knowledge Work-book”, a compilation of notes by the late Dr. Marcel Vogel and his associates at Psychic Research Inc, that we are working to post online. It is a good-sized book, so if you cannot wait, of if you would like a copy of this collection of great knowledge in print, then Contact Us and we will Get You a Copy.

PMarcel Vogel Tree of Life Techsychic Research Incorporated is a non-profit corporation devoted to the study of the subtle forces and energies that compose the human being and his environment. Our primary aim is to bring scientific understanding of the energies which have been often called “metaphysical.”

By means of applied research and the developments of new experimental techniques we hope to answer such question as: What are the properties of these energies? Can they be quantified? What are the mathematics that will allow for their expression in the proper scientific vernacular? Can they be used to systematically to facilitate healing in instances of acute and chronic disease.:

As the foundation of PRI’s research are these hypotheses: AS A MAN THINKITH, SO HE IS. and ENERGY FOLLOWS THOUGHT. Ultimately, we are interested in exploring the dynamic relationships between man and the universe, mind and matter.

Some 14 years ago, research scientist Marcel Vogel conducted the first experiments which eventually led to the preset objectives of PRI. By wiring the leaf of a philodendron to a simple wheatstone bridge and a strip chart recorder, he was able to document that when an individual focused his thoughts on the plant, an energy transfer occurred.

In the search for a deeper grasp of this phenomenon, Vogel realized that quartz crystal worked effectively as a bio-energetic transducer, and that specific geometric shapes enhanced energy amplification. His experiments indicated that these modified crystals were useful in adjusting and balancing tthe bio-electric fields in human beings.

PRI will bring key scientists together to springboard off Vogel’s previous work and search for additional bio-energetic transducers. We expect the efforts will lead to the development of new knowledge and techniques with significant applications for medicine and agriculture.



San Jose, May 1st 1984. P.R.I. Opened its new laboratory, dedicated to the study of subtle energies. Scientific professionals will work and study at the private non-profit facility by invitation. P.R.i’s research findings will be distributed through the Newsletter, books, lectures, video tapes, computer programs, and appropriate professional journals. As energy transducers, and other devices are developed for the study of life forces and bio-magnetic energies, they will be made available.

*Marcel knew that the Vogel needed to be advanced, he knew that as powerful as they are, they had much more potential.* Marcel Stated that he would be able to pass homeopathic, Gem, herbal or drug signatures through the Vogel, into the body in resonance, and heal the body without the problems with absorption.*. Marcel knew that this was the Future of the Vogel. I think that if he was willing to drill his baby, the Vogel crystal, then he would have made this same advancement. Marcel was putting drops of essence oils and homeopathic remedies, as well as experimenting holding gems on Vogels while working with them. Why?? Because he knew the science and medical potentials, and others that have worked with him including Dan Willis of Dreamhill Research have stated that “Marcel Would Have Done This!” Willis stated to us that ‘Marcel was thinking of putting a person’s blood into the crystal,’ as “a witness sample”.  Though we feel that this has purpose (especially in linking a person to a crystal), we have found that the true action and processes of the Vogel Crystal potential to structure the blood IS with Gem crystallography, homeopathic imprinting, and medicinal/drug/herbal imprints that can be put into/inside of the Vogel crystal.     Tree of Life Tech*



These notes are given to you as a stimulus for thought, self-development, and the joy of discovery. It is only by your experience that you can transform these words into action vital to your growth and development.

This is not a book but a series of notes, articles and transcribed lectures which we assembled to assist in your integration of body, mind and spirit.


*Psychic Research Inc.  1984

TO BE CONTINUED in Future Posts…

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Tree Of Life Technologies:

**We now Know that the Vogel Crystal’s nature and scientific process to structure the blood (waters), is best done THROUGH the crystallography of Gems, homeopathic imprints, and medicinal/drug/herbal imprints, (essentially codes) that are put into the inside of the Vogel crystal.

Allowing the Quartz’s natural action to truly amplify and cohere the energetic codes of the materials inside. The Vogel quartz’s potential of resonantly passing information into the cell water, in coherent waves of vibration, light, subtle electricity, and magnetism, ABSOLUTELY exclusive to the ARC Vogel Crystal. Codes from within the ARC Vogel are passed into cellular fluid systems Perfectly, THROUGH You(R) WATER. The scientific, medical, and spiritual Potentials are VAST.

*Join us in any way that you can; in research, scientific, and artistic development of ARC VOGEL Resonant GEM Technology that can only be brought to you By: Tree of Life Tech. In True Legacy of ‘Truth in Water’. the science that Marcel left for us to catch up to, over 20 years ago! Through bio-energy and water resonance, we will save our world. We are Energy as Water, Energy and water. Both need coherence or (sacred geometrical) structure patterning to be effective to their highest capacities. There is no other tool that can interface with both the water and the bio-electrical systems of the body as the ARC Vogel. Guaranteed. It is the only computer chip/processor creating a (sacred) geometrical program, for you(R) water, with you(R) bio-energetic.  **


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