There is no other therapy that considers the field, all are focused on frequencyEinstein said that ‘the field (of energy) is the sole governing agent of particles‘. This applies to the universe, and it applies in healthcare as well. Exposing the body this level of information, this ‘fractal field’ of crystallographic light and magnetism, causes immediate and massive effect to the particles of the body, which are indeed mostly Water Particles (over 90%). The more crystallographic, or fractal, that a field of energy, or body of water is, the more energy/information that field can contain and flow. This is the Truth of your Water Body, bio-energetic form (physical body), and your consciousness.

As we reach higher levels of ourselves, the Physical Body and Mind heals and evolves as a result. We just need the right field, with the right information, to reach these levels of self. ‘Energy is always Information’, saith Einstein. Information is always in, and transferred through patterns. We are Energy/information as water pattern. We are not Chemical H2O, we are ever-changing patterns of Energy. If you change the energy, you will change the manifestation of that energy. Physic. ARC GEM LIGHT Energies change the pattern of the energy that is Water. The Energy that is You.

 You ARE Water

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