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“Naturally – without electricity – pulsing magnetism, with the vibrations and piezoelectricity of Gems is a breakthrough in natural healing sciences discovered by Dr. Apollo Stoppelbein, and implemented in ARC VOGEL GEM Light Therapy. Magnetism, infrared, gem frequencies and other beneficial patterns and energies are delivered deeply into the cell in an amazing combination of Light and Earth-pulsed Magnetic frequencies.
“We create a differential based, 51 degree magnetic torsion field inside of the  Vogel crystal, essentially creating a powerful miniature tornado of magnetism, A Vortex of Natural Energetics. Through the iron, hematite, lodestone, etc inside of the crystal, the magnetism is attracted through the normally non-conductive quartz. This is an amplification of magnetic energy flow, based on dynamics of the Vogel Cut and the ARC-Fillings inside of the Vogel. This tornado of perfected magnetism and the Vogel’s subtle, yet perfect vibration, creates an energy that you feel pulsing your body when you are under the lights with a relatively small amount of magnetism compared to other electromagnetic and rare-earth magnetic treatment devices.”
  • It is physics applied to healthcare... Albert Einstein said that ‘it is the FIELD that is Governing.’ The ‘FIELD’ of energy that ARC Vogels produce, indeed governs the body to continually higher states of being.

The human body, on an energetic level, is an array of oscillating points that are layered and have a definite symmetry and structure. This crystallinity is apparent on both a subtle energetic or quantum level, as well as the macro level. The bones, tissues, cells, fluids of the body have a definite crystallinity about them. The structure of the fluids, cells, and tissues of the body tends to become unstructured or incoherent when disorder or dis-ease or distress is present. The physical body is comprised of liquid crystal systems in the cell membranes, intracellular fluids, as well as larger structures such as the fatty tissues, muscular and nervous systems, lymph, blood, and so on.

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