Dr. Carly Nuday



Co-Founder of Tree Of Life Tech and ARC Vogel Technologies, PhD. Religious Studies and Spiritual Counseling, Water and Bio-Water Researcher and Author

There are a lot of events throughout my life that led me to discover my path. By the time I was a young college student, I already knew that natural medicine, natural therapies, and natural foods were my passion.

Dissatisfied with the traditional degree options, I managed to slip into a program that my college was phasing out and designed my own baccalaureate degree in Natural and Alternative Medicine. My studies followed a wide range of healing modalities: herbalism, Tibetan Medicine, Ayurveda, Nutrition, Native American Medicine, Homeopathy, Consciousness, Spirituality, and Energy Medicine. My passion and investigation for the study of consciousness and energy, particularly as it relates to spirituality and health, later led me to complete a PhD. in Religious Studies and Spiritual Counseling.

Science and research are my passions. I want to know why and how everything works, I want the truth. The Truth I’ve found is that: at the heart of the true story of health, energy, and experience, lies consciousness, and at the heart of the true story of how our experience of consciousness operates lies Water. 

It is only through the discovery of Dr. Marcel Vogel’s work, the years that we have been dedicated to furthering his research and development, and the application of these tools, both the ARC’s and the ARC Lights, that I have been able to recognize, learn, cross-correlate, cohere, and understand that which I have been taught and that which I have studied prior.  To know the core fundamental truths on which this experience and this physical body, mind, and spirit, are formed, maintained, and affected, has changed my life.

Many years ago, I experienced a severe carbon monoxide poisoning and afterwards became increasingly more sensitive to artificial EMF’s like those from cell phones, Wi-Fi, and computers. While I didn’t know the cause or that the poisoning was connected to my sensitivity, it didn’t matter – I was becoming impaired by my sensitivities, and no medicine or tool from years of studying natural therapies was working, and no one in the market was able to offer a solid understanding or science to EMF pollution or protection. Frustrated, we began doing our own independent research found the work of Marcel. His scientific understanding and exploration into crystals, energy, bio-energy, water, and consciousness were energy and information that I needed. His work and our correlations set me on a path of discovery involving Water, DNA, frequencies, light, magnetism and magneto-electricity, and vibrational medicine, with everything leading back to Water.

Through studying the work of Marcel Vogel, the world of Water was opened, and thus the leading sciences of DNA, frequencies, light, magnetism, and vibrational medicines. As we began diving deeper for the true story about Water, we found ourselves able to explain, things that no one has been able to explain. The great geniuses and researchers of our times had provided us with an amazing library of information, but nothing coherent or complete, and no definite way of understanding how water operates so that the world can apply this knowledge. Marcel knew so much, but could not leave us with the complete story in his short amount of time, nor the complete tool, as he himself said. Standing on the shoulders of these giants, it has been our passion for the complete true story that fuels the advancement of Marcel’s work and the continued development of the ARC Vogel Crystal. Marcel knew and said; The Vogel is a delivery system for information. Information that Marcel knew would come from GEMS, and is required by Water to increase its energetic and life-supporting potentials: crystallographic patterns in water.

I am constantly working to share this knowledge and information, and to provide people the tools they need to increase their wellness, advance their consciousness, maintain their energy, or help their clients. Every time I connect someone to their tools, share with them this information, or put someone under the ARC Lights, I feel as the man on the beach throwing back a starfish. One person at a time, helping to wake up and light up the world. And I know how powerful it can be if we are all on that beach throwing them back in. Now that is a vision we can dedicate to.

Carly continues to pursue her missions of research, development, and education while caring for her children and family. 

“I have spent my life studying health and healing. I am happy to correspond with you about Structured Water, health, healing, energy, light, gems, crystals, Vogels and ARCrystals. Contact me personally at with any questions or comments on these topics.”

~Dr. Carly Nuday