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About the Tree of Life Technology Founders


“We stand as the manifested equivalent
of three buckets of water and a handful of minerals.”
~Saul Williams, poet


For all of our lives, we have both been driven to seek knowledge of health and wellness. This inspired research into herbs, meditation, vibrational medicine, chiropractic work, therapeutic touch, vitamins and nutrient supplements, homeopathy, and various modalities of natural healing. Our journey into crystal healing originated with the growing research and sensitivity to harmful electromagnetic frequencies. Beginning with understanding the fundamental principles of electromagnetic frequencies, we began to better understand our Universe and the energy around and within us. Research, both academic and experiential, gave great insight into the nature of our energy and the way it operates within our bodies. Research also led us to discover the EMF protection properties of crystals, by their way of building and strengthening the aura and energetics of the body.

Largely through the work of Marcel Vogel, and the works of others such as Joe Blankenship, Reich, Masaru Emoto, and others, we began to fundamentalize the application of the healing benefits of crystals and the science behind their properties and efficacy.

We understood that the health of our spirit is reflected in our energetic body, a fluid dynamic matrix of energetic and life force material, which house the meridians and the qi, the chakras, nadis, and vital force, the spirit, and the consciousness which drives ourselves. We understood these are merely names given to these energy systems by various cultures throughout the world, and that they are all essentially encompassing the same aspect and science of the energy of human existence. We recognized that physical dis-ease was an expression of energetic imbalance, and that there were effective methods of restoring energetic balance and harmony. But we also realized that as every day passes, our environment becomes more and more energetically toxic. Every day people are bombarded with various forms of toxins and poisons within their environment, from their food, air, and water pollutions, to the broadband of harmful frequencies being pumped through the space around them. Thus, the methods which had been previously used for centuries are becoming less and less effective, particularly in the long term, against such rising levels of pollutions.

In searching for ways to restore and maintain our own energetic vitality, we recognized the need for people to have something truly effective, something that was natural, yet technologically advanced enough to protect people against the disastrous technological advancements that are destroying our energies and the energies around us, and something that was not reserved for the elite few for which it was priced.

In order to know what was to be effective, we had to do much more study. We researched DNA, water, consciousness, magnetism, resonance, frequency science, dark matter, bodily liquid crystals, ancient and historical texts and methods of healing and rejuvenation, elemental energetics, light, color, and superlight, the geometries of nature and sound, the fractal reality of our existence, the discoveries of the greatest thinkers of our times, and the many consciousness and aura amplifiers on the market. We delved further than ever before into studying a wide range of topics, gaining insights and epiphanies, all the while contributing our new knowledge to areas of development for an energetic device that would truly make a difference in people’s lives.

After much research, discovery, and development, we have created what we believe are the most complete and powerful tools for rejuvenation, spiritual development, and energetic health in the world today. As such, we find it is our duty to present it to the world and ascribe to make it attainable for all.

Our work has been extremely spiritually guided, and is based on the most advanced in light, crystals, magnetism, energy and quantum sciences.

We are Apollo, Carly, Partners and Family

Tree of Life Technologies Inc.