QUARTZ combined with GEMS, Precious metals, and rare Earth materials create the HIGHEST COHERENT BIO-AVAILABLE FREQUENCY ON EARTH. AND because of the dynamic interaction of Quartz, Water, and the bio-electric systems, I believe that Marcel Vogel created the GREATEST Tool that can exist for Water-Resonant Information transfer of therapeutic energy.


Transfer ENERGY to WATER

We put the INTEL INSIDE, the GEMS in the ARC Vogel ARE the geometric information that was envisioned by Marcel as needing to be transferred to the body, and GEMS are the ultra-coherent ultra-high frequency materials that uplift the VOGEL Crystal’s vibration steadily, utmost coherently, and fully INTO THE PICOSECONDS AND MORE.

Marcel was an absolute Savant GENIUS working for IBM, and he knew that ONLY quartz Crystal could be tuned to vibrate at the ridiculously high frequency of water. Water is vibrating at nearly the speed of light, and QUARTZ maybe the only natural material on this planet that can be attuned to vibrate into the PICOSECONDS, or TRILLIONS OF VIBRATIONS Per Second.

Classic Vogel and Machine-Cut Vogel Crystals, as well as “PHI and DREAM CUT”, only vibrate in the Billions of Hz, much like ORGONE, and thereby ARE NO WHERE NEAR WATER RESONANT DEVICES.

Marcel realized that certain Bio-Energies can raise the frequency of the quartz Vogel Crystal, and he also realized that the Vogel could be attuned to much higher, more effective, more steady, more testable, and more coherent frequencies through GEMS and HOMEOPATHIC materials being somehow added to the Vogel Crystal.

Here, after over 20 years after Marcel Vogel’s passing, we present the culmination of this work and Water Resonant Crystal science.

Marcel Vogel realized that he created a tool for perfect communication with water, a tool that has a unique potential and capacity to vibrate at the same pace as water, and thereby has the potential to pass energy and information to water. This would be thought of as revitalizing water, and Marcel realized that this was the scientific difference between what is known as HOLY Water, and Tap Water;  ENERGY PATTERNS. Marcel realized that his tool was incomplete, that it had profound and paradigm shifting potentials in it’s potential to re-energize water, but he knew that if the energy was not exactly the right energy, that the CLASSIC Vogel Crystal could be as dangerous as it is useful. He realized that he needed the proper information to pass to water, and he later realized that GEMS and Flowers had the perfect code, to recode and re-energize any water, and thereby any and all life-systems.

Water is Vibrating in a bandwidth somewhere between matter and light, and because of this, before the VOGEL Crystal’s invention it was impossible hard to replicate, synthesize, sympathize, or RESONATE with Water’s ultra-high frequency. Through the Cut of Quartz called the Vogel Crystal, an attune-ment is undertaken of the quartz, much like how watch’s quartz is attuned by cutting it, and by means of the Electrical and magnetic interactions and compressions had of ARC VOGEL Quartz, the attuned Vogel Quartz cut of crystal is then ACTIVATED and PIEZOELECTRICALLY Stimulated to vibrate continually in coherent resonance with Water, transferring the Electro-Geometry of GEMS, resonantly or IN PERFECT VIBRATION, into a body of water.

Just before his untimely passing, Marcel realized the true potential of his Vogel-cut crystal and he envisioned and spoke of his Vogel Crystal having the potential, and one day being used to pass/induce the “code” of Vitamin and even Prescription Drug signatures into the body as information to the water-systems of the body. We have realized Marcel’s vision and his tool to completion, and through this, we bring you the ONLY WATER RESONANT information transfer DEVICE on the planet, and the FIRST EVER Natural Electro Nutri-Ceuticals;  ARC VOGEL VITAGEMS™.  This is due to the untapped resonant potential of the Vogel Crystal that we have now exposed and tapped. The distinct ability for the Vogel Crysal to be energized to a degree that it will vibrate in frequencies known as WATER RESONANCE, and through this, to pass highly specific ELECTRO-GEOMETRIC CODE into the cell through resonant interaction with Cellular Waters.

Marcel also envisioned and was working on involving the Vogel Crystal with other minerals and experimenting with the combinations as Light therapy, helping the founders of the well-respected and highly therapeutic KIVA LIGHTS, which is a light therapy using quartz tubes that have been doped with minerals, and then can be seen as a predecessor of ARC GEM LIGHT THERAPY™.





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