We found the work of Marcel Vogel in late 2009-early 2010, and before we realized Marcel’s TRUE vision of the future Vogel Crystal, we were already selling the first “Vogel Crystal Light Beds”, Apollo being the C.E.O. for Walber Pinto and the MACHINE-CUT , “PHI”and “DREAM-cut” IMITATION vogel Crystals enterprise. We now refer to this as the DARK-SIDE and consider it the ATTACK OF THE CLONES.


Around the same that time we realized that Marcel predicted the RISE OF THE MACHINE-cutting of Vogels and called it a travesty of his work, and he directly warned against it, we realized exactly WHY Marcel felt so strongly against the now infamous 44, 88, and 144 sided, “PHI”, “DREAM-CUT”, and all machine-cutting of Vogel-style crystals. We realized, through the prototypes of those machine-cut vogel crystal light therapies, the real nature and the real power of the Classic and FAUX (MACHINE CUT) Vogel Crystal Light Therapies as relaxation devices, but that did not heal mind body or spirit.

Classic and machine cut vogel Crystal light-beds would, not only recycle the energy of negativity fluidly, but they cannot be cleared of dirty energy, or stopped from transmitting it from person to person, especially when they are used in Crystal Light Therapies. This can be witnessed in any study, and was experienced to be a negative and thereby potentially dangerous reality that Marcel DIRECTLY warned about. We, and many others, had to learn the hard-way, but through learning the FLAWS of these Crystals firsthand as CEO for the DARK-SIDE, we indeed found the way to complete the Vogel by simply taking out the flaws that other men have put in, and by putting in the utmost perfection. It would cost relatively little to create machines that can make these cuts of crystals. There is plenty of money in it, as lab quartz is dirt cheap and so is machine-shop labor in Brazil. Also, we know cutters that have machines similar to Ray’s and have been offered to supply us with these types of cuts for our purposes. We have refused, because we know that ALL MACHINE-CUTS AND NEW SHAPES ARE RIDICULOUS UNSCIENTIFIC TRAVESTIES OF VOGEL CRYSTAL SCIENCE AND SPIRIT, AND HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH ACTUAL VOGEL CRYSTAL SCIENCE OR WATER RESONANT TECHNOLOGIES. 

PHI AND DREAM CUT CRYSTALS ARE PRODUCED FOR AROUND 100 dollars a piece and sell for 3 to 8,000$, YET they are machine-carved in Brazil from inexpensive laboratory produced or Brazilian quartz. SO, KNOW that whoever is selling them to you, is profiting heavily from you, and will probably tell you anything to profit off of you so severely. YOU SHOULD ALSO KNOW THAT TREE OF LIFE Technologies Inc works with NONE of the companies who sell Machined-clones or mis-attuned Travesties of Marcel’s work. This includes some of the major crystal dealers in the world, and we will not work with them so long as they continue marketing dangerous un-ethical knock-offs of a legendary science. So you will not see our Tools on their sites, or hear them speaking of us on their sites, or hear of them compare ARC Vogels with their FEAUX vogels. Yet they ALL know that we have created a TRUE phenomenon, and they know that they unethically market the last of the Machine-cut crystals that will ever be mistaken as Vogel Crystals. The TRUTH WILL REIGN AND DOES INDEED SET PEOPLE FREE. ALL machine Cut Quartz Crystals are inferior, potentially dangerous, yet profitable devices, but have absolutely NO therapeutic value.

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