I cannot say enough about these Great Renaissance men. I have tried to keep it short, a brief intro to these truly Epic pioneers who directly or indirectly inspired and taught me what I needed to develop the Tree Of Life Technology.



Feb 3 1930 to Christmas morning 2012

A pioneer of the NEW AGE, who rang in the NEW DAY before he left to experience another plane, after fully accomplishing this one.

My Mentor, my friend, now indeed a true LEGEND:  Joe BLANKINSHIP.  He was the rarest of men, a living legend with personal resume that contained collaborations and work with men who have forged the reality we now live. Albert EINSTEIN, Buckminster Fuller, Richard NIXON, Jimmi CARTER, Fidel CASTRO, the Saudi Royal Family, George Washington Carver, Bill GATES, Dhali Lllama, Dr. Leonard Horrowitz, Masaru EMOTO, Viktor SHAUBERGER, and countless other giants of our time. Joe was maybe the only man with Nixon and Castro on whatever speed-dial existed at the time, and Joe was also maybe the only man to ever work with both Wilhelm Reich and Marcel Vogel, so Joe was the last living bridge to their work.

This, and Joe’s advanced age in 2010 maybe why, from the very moment that I met Joe, it was clear that he ‘took me under his wing and began to tell me the deepest things that my ears could hear or my mind could comprehend. Folks that knew Joe said that he treated me like his “heir-apparent”, and said that he “did not talk to people or show them what he showed me.” I just knew that he wanted to talk to me, and I wanted to talk to him. This was our relationship until the last time I saw him, on Thanksgiving with Joe’s family and a member of the Saudi Royal Family. I spent about 2 weeks with him then, his family said that it would be his last, I did not believe them, but Joe passed away weeks later, Christmas morning 2012.

I met Joe back in early 2010 through working with Walber Pinto, who had known Joe since the days of Marcel Vogel when Walber and Joe both worked very closely with Marcel Vogel. Many people called Joe a “Living Encyclopedia” and others called him a “Savant”, and indeed, Joe was a prodigy. He read continually and at a mind-boggling pace, several newspapers and magazines per day, and that was before most people wake-up in the morning. He was an Information addict. He did not sleep, he only ‘napped’, so he never really turned-off or reset. He just kept going, reading or talking, all of the time, and had a computer-like memory and coherence in his 80’s.

As a boy, Joe watched his family be incurably stricken by Polio, so he spent his entire life researching healthcare and alternative healthcare, and that research turned into the physics of health, and that leads into the physics of the environment and consciousness. Through Joe’s foremost take on reality, being over 80 years old in 2012 and having literally seen it all, while most of us were just trying to open our eyes, Joe pioneered countless devices, tools, techniques, and studies that have now become common and still not-so common knowledge. Joe allowed others to market all of his ideas and insisted on NO credit or money given to him, so this is why more people do not know the name and the legend of Joe Blankenship. He let people ‘run with his ideas and inventions’, and he would keep developing and studying. Devices like the “PURPLE PLATE”, “COSMIC BALLS”, DMSO, hypobaric chambers, understandings like MAGNETITE as a source for ORMUS and GOLD, research into dynamic actions of Spirulina, directly inspiring Masaru Emoto’s water studies, pictures, and books, personally financing several major studies like the infamous MIKESELL WATER PAPERS and for his quest to attain billions of dollars in settlements for the state of Arizona. Joe, almost single-handedly. proved several of the largest companies in the world, to be negligent or to have intentionally caused pollution of much of Arizona’s ground water.

At his funeral, one of the Executives of the EPA of Arizona came and spoke of Joe as a ‘Freedom Fighting Hero’ of unique amazing intellect and drive. She spoke of watching him recall and present information to dozens of lawyers who represented some of the largest companies in the world, who grilled Joe for countless hours for over a year. Day after day until the judge himself finally said ENOUGH is enough, and knew that the lawyers were trying to literally kill the aged Joe. Knowing that Joe was the only real witness, a researcher who knew his facts so well, that they were impenetrable, but if he died on the stand, they would win.

I cried like I have never cried before at Joe’s memorial. Joe sparked and lit several fires in my mind, which is very rare for any adult to experience. Joe showed me the way to think beyond what I was presented in my life, and showed me the way that genius truly operates. He showed me that it is inspiration and perspiration, perpetually.

When I realized that I would have the opportunity to meet the Legend Joe Blankenship in 2010, I knew that he was a just that; a LEGEND. I heard the stories about “GROWING GOLD”, I heard about his finding Gold, mummies, and other distinctly Egyptian artifacts in the Grand Canyon (following up on leads that the Smithsonian houses other artifacts that were found there in the early 1900’s), I heard about his ‘Magnetite Mountain’, I heard about his brother being murdered over Joe’s research at Joe’s research facility, I heard about his court cases against a laundry list of some of the largest companies in the world over water pollution in state of AZ.

Joe was maybe the most knowledgeable person in the world in regards to the history, present, and future of energy science, chemistry, and alternative healthcare, as well as alchemy and mineralogy. Joe was foremost in the fields of energy science, as well as in the legendary history, lore, and physics of the tools and sciences that we are merely and ultimately REDISCOVERING.


Joe was a perpetual research, discoverer, and inventor. Science and Spirit, Chemist and Alchemist, Student and Teacher. A Father, Son, and Brother. A meek and humble man who I believe had long-since realized the nature of ALL things before I met him and before he passed, and he merely did his best to try to catch-up each person he could. Intelligent enough to only and ultimately, inspire them at their own pace. That is the research, discovery, and the reality of the man and the legend of Joe Blankenship. Videos of Joe are now emerging on Youtube from people who respected his privacy, and what can be perceived to be his safety, while he was alive.

 Lessons from JOE:

“You are one handshake away, from meeting ANYONE”.  “You think that can fly?”(pointing at a bumble bee) “Do you think that is flying?” (pointing at a jumbo jet flying in the sky).  “I remember when aluminum was more precious than gold, and look, now they make train cars out of them.” “The entire medical industry is a money pit by design”. “CHITAN”. “MAGNETITE”. “SPIRILLUNA”. “PURE NATURAL GOLD IS ALIVE”. “TESLA”, “RALPH BIRKENSTRESSER”, “SHAUBERGER”, “Walter RUSSEL”, “REICH”…  “The sovereignty of this country is almost gone”. “You are doing things with Vogel Crystals that Marcel Vogel only dreamed of.” “It is up to you now.”

 HANDS I SHOOK / People I met through Joe Blankinship

Members of the Saudi Royal Family. Billionaire Marshall Holmes who recently ran against a ROCKAFELLER for governor of AZ. several MD’s. The inventor of the Hydrogen-Powered Helicopter. The personal assistant, confidant, and top engineer of the airline mogul Howard Hughes, Dan Davidson (the author of SHAPE POWER), the daughter of a man who worked on the Atom Bomb, the man who may own most of the copper mines in the world who is an avid Radionics practitioner, dowser, and Vogel & ARC Vogel user. Several amazing and famous psychics and dowsers. Inventor the the LUNAR COLLECTOR. I toured and had access to the papers of the late Dr. Zidco (friend of Tesla’s), and so many/much more. I also met the head of the E.P.A. of Arizona who spoke at his memorial, calling him a “HERO and a SAINT” for his work as the star witness in the state of AZ’s suit against several billion dollar companies, who it seemed, as she said, ‘tried to kill Joe before he could get out his testimony’. Joe knew most every natural cure on Earth, but I believe those and other nefarious efforts caused his rapid decline. He believed (and tested) that he was being poisoned and given multiple forms of cancer.

I had years of open access to Joe’s mental and physical libraries. Those who knew him called him the “Living Encyclopedia”, but he believed that he was a leech to smart people. ‘Humble as a mumble in the jungle.’ 


 Walber PINTO

Walber Pinto with Marcel Vogel at P.R.I. (late 1980’s)

Marcel Vogel Assistant

Walber PINTO was a former lab assistant, and he would say he was Marcel’s protoge’, while others say he was a tag-along of Marcel Vogel’s. Either way, Walber was a Physics student, a talented energy healer, a ‘metaphysician’, and through Marcel Vogel, Pinto had access to some of the most brilliant minds and advanced laboratories of the era.

Walber went on to create the machines that cut the now infamous 33 to 144-sided faux “Vogel” Crystals, “PHI”, and “DREAM-cut”. Walber’s brother RAY PINTO now runs the machines that do the cutting, and he also distributes the crystals that Walber taught him to make.

Walber was a key PLACE-HOLDER for the nearly 20 years that had to pass in stagnancy, with no one else besides Walber doing anything to develop the incomplete Vogel Crystal any further. Walber did not advance Marcel’s work, Walber did exactly what Marcel realized would be done with his Vogel after he passed. Marcel knew that it would be knocked-off and machine cut in order to create them as cheaply as possible, and he knew and said in prophecy about his tool, that this was a “travesty” of his work and his discoveries about intention. The inevitable did happen, and it was by his own student.


“I found Walber Pinto early on in my quest to understand more about the Vogel Crystal. Because of my knowledge, within hours of meeting him, Walber asked me to be the CEO of his newfound company LIGHTRON llc, in order to help him to design and create the first Vogel Crystal Light Beds.”

 I was the C.E.O. for LIGHTRON llc, designing, developing manufacturing, and marketing the very FIRST VOGEL CRYSTAL LIGHTBEDS that were EVER sold to the Public, back in early to mid 2010. It can be said that I sold the FIRST ‘Vogel’ Crystal Lightbed to a member of the general public while working with Walber.  What is sure, is that I learned the deepest science known of the Vogel Crystal by development and experience with these early lightbeds, but also through the most direct legacy of Marcel Vogel that the planet had: Walber Pinto.

He called me his “BROTHER” and said he “TOLD ME EVERYTHING” so that I could bring it to the world

There were 3 essential reasons that I had to resign from Walber and my position as CEO for LIGHTRON, and begin TREE OF LIFE Technologies

  1. I realized for myself that MACHINE CUT VOGELS ARE DANGEROUS TRAVESTIES to Marcel’s work and Legacy
  2. I realized that I would be the last to truly Learn from Walber, because of his various issues that we, and law-enforcement agencies had with Walber’s actions, character, mental stability, and well-being.
  3.  I realized that Walber did not want or care to advance the Vogel. He, like many others who deal in Vogel Crystals, seem to be very happy simply profiting off of OLD INCOMPLETE classic Vogel Crystals, and now classic Vogel crystal lightbeds.  I had to follow my heart and the science to advance the Vogel Crystal and the incomplete science of tool that Marcel invented and pioneered.

Royal RIFE



Wilhelm REICH


Dr. Wilhelm Riech(1897-1957), an utmost brilliant scientist trained under Sigmund Freud, learned that psychology was the study of the minds connection with sexuality and spirit. This led Reich to discover ways to connect the 3 (mind, body, and spirit). Wilhelm developed and employed a variety of Gems, minerals, and metals in order to make the most practical and plentiful form and system of vibrational therapies and Auric healing devices known even unto today; OROGONE or ORGONITE.

REICH may one day be accredited one day with the re-founding of Gemstone Vibrational Therapy.

Though in his day he was a very well known and respected scientist, working with ALL of the great minds of the day, including Albert Einstein, Wilhelm was persecuted and imprisoned for his discoveries and science. He died suspiciously in jail a few days before his scheduled release. There has been credible sources that say he was murdered by a 2 men in suits, who injected him with a needle in his jail cell. All of this because he said and seemingly proved that his GEM therapies cured cancer and many other diseases of bio-energetic and consciousness disharmony.

REICH’S work made him one of the many scientists who have been persecuted, imprisoned, or even murdered for their science. The money, time, and effort to discredit Wilhelm Reich’s work goes on even unto today.

Carly Nuday and I were at the Science Museum of Minnesota in the summer of 2010 visiting the Dead Sea Scrolls exhibit, and the very first thing that the world sees upon leaving the Dead Sea Scroll’s exhibit is another exhibit showing devices from “quack doctors and their healing devices”. Dr. Wilhelm Reich’s Orgone box was the first thing one sees when leaving the world renown Dead Sea Scrolls. We walked by this in awe, a simple metal box with Wilhelm’s Orgone mixture on it and a chair. Room for one inside, and a plaque describing his life, work, and imprisonment for “quack” science. We could not believe the Irony. I was wearing my nano-Orgone hat, given to me by a good friend of ours and also of Wihelm Reich’s, Joe Blankinship. Carly was wearing her Orgone pendant (before we developed ARC. We know it works, and we had to laugh at the incessant and persistent propaganda.


Col. Dinshah P. Ghadiali, aka “Dinshah”


Dinshah discovered Spectro-Chrome Therapy in 1920, having already researched and utilized light and color therapy in his medical practice for the previous 20 years, and contributed pioneering work into the use of color and light as a therapeutic tool. His great success in treating a variety of disorders led to the incorporation of Spectro-Chrome into several hospitals and clinics, and it was adopted by many independent physicians.
Dinshah was one of the great geniuses and inventors of our time. Born in Bombay, India in 1873 he began high school at the age of 9, became assistant to the Professor of Mathematics and Science at Wilson College at the age of 11, and took the Bombay University exam at the age of 13.
The list of his accomplishments continues in this fashion for nearly all of his life. He eventually

Original Spectro-Chrome

learned 8 oriental and 8 occidental languages, was a successful electrical and mechanical engineer at 20 years of age, and began a medical practice at the age of 25. It was around this time that he met with Thomas Edison, Nikola Tesla, and other noted scientists, and was termed by the New York Times and other newspapers as “Parsee Edison”.
At the age of 27 he established the “Electro-Medical Hall” for healing by color, magnetic therapy, electro-therapy, suggestive therapy, as well as orthodox medicine, eventually opening another Hall and becoming known for successful treatment of bubonic plague and other so-called incurable diseases.
Dinshah developed a number of inventions, from Spectro-Chrome units to an “Automobile Engine Fault Finder” (worth over $100,000 in 1913. Dinshah instead donated it to the US government for use on aircraft engines.)

Light Therapy Based on Sacred Geometry and MUSICAL MATHEMATICS

He was commissioned Colonel and Commander of the New York Police Air Reserve Service, and was awarded the Liberty Medal. He also served as the Vice-President of the Allied Medical Associations of America and the National Association of Drugless Practitioners. Although he had a variety of interests and abilities, in 1920 Dinshah dedicated himself to the advancement of Spectro-Chrome therapy. He lectured, wrote books, taught classes, designed color equipment, and was forced to defend himself and his work in numerous litigations. He was heavily persecuted by the government, one of the worst persecutions performed by the FDA. In spite of proving in court that Spectro-Chrome did indeed have effect on diseases, with the testimony of several lay and medical practitioners (including compelling testimony by Dr. Kate Baldwin, former Senior Surgeon of the Woman’s Hospital in Philadelphia), eventually the FDA was successful in winning a lawsuit which required Dinshah to dissolve the non-profit Institute of Spectro-Chrome,  disassociate himself from any Spectro-Chrome promotion, and ordered him to surrender for destruction of all books, writings, and research in his possession relating to Spectro-Chrome. His work was burned in a New Jersey incinerator. They were also able to obtain a permanent injunction against Dinshah’s other established Institute, the Visible Research Institute, which prevented them from shipping across state lines color projectors or books, and even had some books unrelated to Spectro-Chrome banned. This injunction still stands. Thankfully, some of Dinshah’s sons have formed the Dinshah Health Society, publishing a book entitled Let There Be Light which catalogs some of Dinshah’s work and research in Color Therapy. The book is available through the Dinshah Health Society website.

Nikola Tesla

One thing about Tesla, he knew that the way we use the energy available to us would result in either the triumph, or the destruction of mankind.

Edgar Cayce


Edgar Cayce, also called the Sleeping Prophet, was one of the greatest psychics of our time. He gave trance discourses on a variety of subjects, such as astrology, reincarnation, healing, ancient Egypt, and Atlantis. Reading from what he and others call the Akashic records, he unlocked the secrets of these and many of man’s great questions and quandaries. He was a devout Christian, reading the Bible cover to cover once per year. A lifelong devout member of the Disciples of Christ, some of his most important readings were on the subject of healing and Christian theology. Edgar Cayce gave over 14,000 “readings” during a period of 43 years (1901 to 1944).
Cayce gave many readings on Atlantis (yes it existed), the Chakras (yes those too), crystals, and gemstone tech and therapies.
He predicted light, GEM, GEM LIGHT Therapy, and color treatments and is considered the father of Holistic Medicine due to his numerous health readings instructing patients to successfully use herbal remedies, homeopathics, and vibrational gemstone therapy. He predicted light and color therapies, and also explained the Chakras and their meanings, and stressed peaceful meditation in Source Energy. He explained this tech to a tee. In over 14,000 readings, he has never been shown to be wrong.