Dr. Marcel Vogel

Marcel Vogel – Former IBM Scientist, Inventor, Crystallographer, Discoverer, Healer, and Developer of the Vogel-cut Crystal

Marcel Vogel was born April 14, 1917, in San Francisco.  As a child he suffered from respiratory difficulties and at the age of six was officially pronounced dead of double lobar pneumonia. He miraculously recovered, but the impact of the experience was so profound that Marcel, even at such a young age, was so driven by the sense of love and well-being he had experienced that he would walk to early morning Mass every morning. In this place of prayer, he would ask “Why am I here? What is the purpose of my life?”
After six years he heard a voice in his mind say “You will be a phosphor chemist. You will do pioneering work in luminescence. You will write a book and create your own business.”
For the next several years, and through high school and college, Marcel followed his inspiration to become a phosphor chemist and expert in the field of luminescence. With no academic courses available, he had to teach himself. He majored in chemistry and physics at the University of San Francisco, and in 1943 published his first book with Dr. Peter Pringsheim, a professor at the University, titled The Luminescence of Liquids and Solids and their Practical Application (Wiley Interscience – 1943).



From 1944-1957 Marcel Vogel explored pioneering work in luminescence and fluorescents. He ran a company called Vogel Luminescence, which he sold to Ultra Violet Products in 1957 when he joined IBM as a full-time research scientist. He was granted many patents in the fields of magnetic recording media, liquid crystals, photo relays, and rare earth phosphors. His contributions helped to realize today’s liquid crystal digital displays, computer hard disks, watches, and radios. Before retiring from IBM as their top scientist ever with over 150 patents, he began to use the IBM equipment to research the secret life of plants. A book was written about his and other’s work of that title, they were able to clearly show through polygraph test that plants have very intense emotions. This began his work into the unseen world of subtle energies. He proved these energies were not so subtle.
Marcel Vogel’s research is paramount in the field of crystals. He spent many years after retiring from IBM researching the use of crystals. He did this with the best equipment in the world at the time and a list of respected colleagues from astronauts and scientists to business tycoons. With this access, credibility, and respect, he was able to show that the ancients were right in their regards to crystals and so much more.

HERE is an Excerpt from IBM’s current website about Marcel Vogel

Marcel Vogel 

“He made his mark because of the brilliance of his mind, his prolific ideas, and his seemingly limitless creativity.” – eulogy by Dr. Bernard McGinty, Marcel Vogel’s funeral, February 14, 1991.
Born in San Francisco in 1917, Marcel Vogel attended the University of San Francisco. Before joining IBM in 1957, Vogel was an established expert in the fields of magnetics, chemistry and luminescence—light occurring in low temperature. In 1943, he co-wrote Luminescence in Liquids and Solids and Their Practical Application, and soon launched his own technology company, Vogel Luminescence. He pioneered black-light technology, spawning the development of several identification and tagging products, as well as the widely popular and iconic black light of the 1960s. He also created phosphorescent paints, chalk and crayons. After selling his company, Vogel joined IBM as a research scientist at the Advanced Systems Development Division lab in San Jose, California. He greatly refined Parry’s initial magnetic stripe work by eliminating the use of Mylar tape. After 27 years of service and 32 patents, the unconventional scientist retired from IBM and focused on human-plant communication.




Psychic Research Inc.




He was an overt believer and follower of Christ, or as he would have expressed, ‘Christ’ would be more aptly termed LOVE. Marcel realized this as the most fundamental universal concept and science, and in his later life he studied and respected aspects of many faiths with knowledge of the physics and consciousness that holds us all together. Marcel began to know the physics of the energies and of what is surely a crystallographic Source, yet he died with much of the world misunderstanding the energetic, spiritual, and quantum side of his work.
Many, including some very close to him, felt that he was dealing with dark forces. M. Vogel showed the world scientifically (those who would listen), that a persons highest and healthiest intention is Love. He found that through crystal, any intention is amplified and transmitted with phenomenal change happening to the energy of that intention. This he clearly showed (for all who would see) that this is a little understood, yet perfect, and perfectly manifesting life giving energy force. He showed that he could perform “miracles” with this technology and  energy. Restructuring water, changing bad wine to great, aging wine, preserving juice and food, improving cells, and with this energy healing extenuating injuries and sicknesses. He found and showed others how to connect to themselves and their higher selves with a simple tool. Therefore connecting through themselves to the energy that makes them. Their Creator. In this way, he showed the world again what Christ preached. The Kingdom of Heaven will first be found in one’s self. This direct line to Creator is unfortunately contrary to the Church structure as we know it.
Marcel Vogel was a rare soul, a man who had a rare connection with the inventive, creative, loving and life giving spirit with a power of mind from that energy that is endowed to very few who have walked this Earth. Much of his work in crystallography, especially in his quantum discoveries, research, and inventions, are unknown to the public at large. It is our goal to carry on the legacy of this true renaissance man, the Great Dr. Marcel Joseph Vogel.