Dr. Apollo Stoppelbein

Lets just get this out of the way. Yes, my name is Apollo, since birth.) And yes, it was worth all of the Astronaut, Greek god, and Rocky Jokes growing up.” “There is no such thing as coincidence. It is all a Symphony of Crystallography)”

A modern renaissance man, Apollo is a husband, dad, scientist, PhD researcher, speaker, writer, artist, and more.  He has recognized his calling, the advancement of the sciences and legacy of the great Dr. Marcel Vogel.

“I have always been interested in healing, the mind, the brain and body. I have 2 older sisters that are mentally handicapped. Their ‘brain age’ is that of a 9 yr old, yet they are in their 40’s. They are very bright, they hold no grudges, they love in a way that no other being I have ever met loves. They do so, in such an unconditional way, and they hold no regret or judgement. This is a beautiful mind, yet their brain does not hold the information necessary to function in a so called normal life. To drive cars, to have children, to go to advanced schooling etc. As long as I can remember, I realized that they were different. I only wanted to help them for most of my childhood. I studied everything I could about their condition and their numerous prescriptions, and everything I could about the brain, body, and soul.”

“Both of my Grand dads were chemists. One was a pharmacist known then as a chemist, and the other was a scientist who constructed a solution that; when mixed with gas, would allow the gas to burn with 30% water added to the gas. This chemistry of this solution was bought by the shell oil company, and afterwards, my mother’s dad was visited by Richard Nixon often.”

When he was age 8, Apollo’s mother met who would be his step-dad until the age of 14. This man had a procedure done to him years prior in the military, that left him dying of a massive brain hemorrhage. This event hemorrhaging could have killed him, but it actually left him an incredible genius, seeming to unlock portions of his brain that are untapped by most, but the same also left him with deep psychological flaws.

An absolute savant, an incredible genius with an stern intolerance for anything less than the truth. A scientist, activist, preacher, inventor, carpenter, and theologian, Apollo watched him seek the truth about science, religion, spirituality, free energy, health, metaphysics, UFOs, and more. All at a pace most people would deem an insane, but Apollo witnessed this rare true unbridled genius until his quest was finally too much for Apollo’s mother, and they separated. These 6 years left their mark(s) on Apollo, and he has spent his adult life figuring out what he experienced as a child.

“I grew up with an ex-Marine turned mad religious and metaphysical scientist. I was assisting in attempts to build magnetic over-unity motors at age 10, and over-hearing conversations between my stepdad and other free-energy researchers and pioneers, as well as REAL ‘conspiracy nuts’. Many of these men, including my ex-stepdad, have been silenced due to their Truly amazing discoveries.”“I tell people like this, FREE ENERGY exists all around us, and has been discovered and proven several times, in several different ways, and has been discovered by several different people.  It is not an issue with the science, it is with the people. When people demand it, it will become apparent to the people. I understand that there are several ways to drastically decrease your energy dependence, and most people do none of them. It is a market thing, and when the market demands it… Now the key is to NOT waste your time seeking it. To understand the principles of energy is to know that EVERYTHING is energy, and your only true goal should be to unlock the energy within yourself.”

He called me his “BROTHER” and said he “TOLD ME EVERYTHING” so that I could bring it to the world

All of this has led Apollo research into all religions and sciences. In his calling to the sciences of nature, in early 2010, Apollo found the work and science of Marcel Vogel, and his life has been a whirlwind ever since. Seeking out those who worked with him, and gaining one of the foremost understandings of Marcel’s, and related scientists and researcher’s works, Apollo and Carly began their direct work in the science of crystals, bio-energetics, light, and ‘energy’ healing. Having worked with numerous people who were in contact with Marcel, like Walber Pinto (Apollo being Walber’s CEO for 4 months, even living together for 6 weeks, building Wally’s company from April to July of 2010), Joe Blankenship, and Drew Touslely to name a few. 

It seems that all of these people and others, only got or took a part of what Vogel was teaching, and it is also apparent that those who knew Marcel best, did not and have not worked together, and hardly knew each other.  Apollo has gained a rare knowledge of who Marcel was, what he did, what he was actually working on and for. Also what he intended, from many of those who knew Marcel best.

Joe Blankenship, who worked very very closely with Marcel and many of the greatest minds and scientist before him and since, who knows and helped create ‘Vogel science’, says intensely and repeatedly that “Apollo has advanced this science far beyond what Marcel was doing with crystals.”

Apollo considers that one of the highest accreditation that he has, and knows that if it was not for Vogel’s science and Vogel crystals, he would have had no real concept or understanding of, and would have never taken so seriously, crystal/gem therapy-healing.

Joe Blankenship provided Apollo much of the physical link between the sciences of Marcel Vogel, Wilhelm Reich, and many others’,  that Apollo needed to make the ARCs. This info and science is still held in the minds of a few and not published anywhere.

Through working, studying, or consulting with some of the best in this field, including those mentioned, as well Dan Willis of the Disclosure Project and former consultant to Marcel Vogel, Dan Davidson of ‘Shape Power’, Massaru Emoto, an MIT crystallography professor, a Stanford PhD quantum physics/mechanics professor, Various Mds and Chiropractors, a Harvard integrative medicine practitioner, many energy healers, energy workers, clients and patients, Apollo has gained a rare foremost understanding of how energy, crystals, and gems effect light, water, and the environment. AND most importantly, how this effects us.

“The science has been out for a LONG time. It is just up to us to find it, and now to translate it to Truly effectual tools and Truly effectual understandings.”

Since making the ARC Crystal, and the ARC Gem Lights, magnetically driven Gem, mineral, and precious metal-filled Vogel crystal light therapy system, Apollo has been able to study the vast and powerful effects of the combination of gems, magnetism, minerals, sound and Light in ways that no one else Ever has. Figuring out how and why this tech can and does work so powerfully, led Apollo directly a rare understanding of gems, crystals, Vogels, magnetism, and their working combinations with bio-energetic systems and Water.

Apollo has led his adult life as a dad, husband, and as a scientist/researcher of energy.  Bio, classic, and cosmic. In this work, Apollo has worked directly and indirectly with some of the top scientists and researchers in the World. His focus now is to bring this healing technology, and the understandings presented by its working principles, to the public consciousness so that it may be used to help the masses.