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There is a host of scientific and medical trials that show the graphic healing effects of Light, Sound frequencies, Magnetism, and Gem therapies. The FDA has loosened restrictions regarding stating the true merits and effectiveness of Magnetism, Pulsed Magnetism, and Light Therapies. We are of the notion that all of these therapies are beneficial, but allowing the body’s natural and powerful operations of self improvement to take place by inducing the Most Precise and Pristine Full SPECTRUM of Bio-Resonant Energies IN THE WORLD is the most effective way, by far.

  Each of these Results Reported all sum up to one reality. The RESULTS of HARMONICALLY combining the FINEST IN BIO-ENERGY AND WATER-RESONANCE THERAPIES is the Healing of the mind, body and Spirit.

ARC Gem Light Therapies work deeply on the consciousness of an individual, raising them to higher states of being and consciousness evolution. Thus, by affecting the water, energy, and consciousness of an individual, we are able to see a wide range and variety of cascading positive effects in an individuals health, thought forms, emotions, lifestyles, and choices, influencing them on every level. 

Just a Few of COUNTLESS




“ARC GEM Lights Healed my Wife of Lyme’s Disease… Read More

“I can’t believe it. I always have pain. ALWAYS. I have had pain from my hips down into my feet for 3 years now, and after 20 minutes on an ARC Gem Rack, I had NO PAIN, and cried tears of relief. I CANNOT BELIEVE IT. read more

“I would NEVER want to live without an ARC GEM Light Bed! It is SIMPLY AMAZING! It Healed… read more

“I can’t explain it, but when I was under the ARC GEM Light Rack, I experienced a powerful force, almost like 2 Angels standing over me. This force Healed My Jaw read more

“It is amazing!  It is like everything that was stressed about, worried about, had anxieties about,  and all of the things that my mind was busy stress-fully relentlessly cycling, all just all disappeared. During my two 25 minute sessions… read more

“Absolutely incredible! Only 15 minutes under the lights wiped away all of my jet lag, and I felt “reset” into balance. I felt as though my system had been de-fragged and my cookies cleaned, so that my operating system was back to peak performance!” Steven J.   Computer Programmer  West Hollywood CA.

“An amazing energy and field, which allowed me to move energy and work through blocks that I have been struggling with for years, in a single 15 minute session. The relief is indescribable – thank you for helping me help myself. I am so grateful for what you have created!” April Johansen, 

“Every meridian that we focus on as an acupuncturist, is stimulated by these lights. AMAZING”  Michelle Kurtz  Acupuncturist   Minneapolis MN

“I am 87 years old and it does not feel like I have slept in a decade. The day that I tried the Gem Lights, I had not slept in 3 nights straight. After that secession, I slept like a baby, and have had a much more regular sleep cycle. I have had 6 treatments since and I have slept every night in the past 2 months because of the sessions that I had.”  Marilynn, Retired  Boca Raton Florida

“I was healed of a very painful tooth infection in a 15 minute secession. I went into my first GEM Light therapy with a tooth that was painfully infected for months. I felt the pain subside during the secession, and after the 15 minute secession I felt the swelling decrease to a point that both the swelling and the pain were gone. I knew then that the infection was gone and it never came back. I am a believer and thinking of ways to invest.” Michael B.  Entrepreneur   Sedona AZ

“I began to have very bad seizures after I turned 55 years old. After 3 years of Grand Mal seizures increasing to monthly to bi monthly, “I found ARC GEM LIGHT THERAPY. I bought an ARC RACK and I have not had a seizure since the one that I had 2 weeks before I got my GEM RACK and began my secessions. I believe that the peace and calm energy frequencies get deep into the brain and naturally harmonize whatever was dis-harmonized. I now realize that the seizures are more electrical than chemical, so it makes sense that a pure energy can correct the energy of the brain.”  Marcelene D.  FLORIDA

“I felt a pressure on my chest and then that pressure began to cycle through my body. I began to cry. After I cried, I felt as new as dew, and still do. I don’t know what it was, I don’t care, because it is gone. Thank you. ” Amber Mitchell

“I have lived with a rather dramatic speech impediment all of my life. Doctors have not and cannot help. I was 44 years old when I had my first experience under Apollo’s GEM Lights. After a few minutes, a deep calm came over me. It was like waves of warm water that began at my stomach, and flooded up and down my body. When it got to my head, I felt a pressure in a small spot in my brain. Not pain, but a pressure. I FELT A POP! Then Everything was CLEAR as sunlight. I sat up and my therapist came over. I told her that I can talk, and I explained to her the POP that I felt in my head, and the words that came out of my mouth were as clear as a bell.” Rob Wittier Phoenix ARIZONA.

“I did a lot of drugs before I found ARC GEM Lights. Partying, drinking, and whatever was on the table. A loose friend of mine bought a Rack and I tried it at a party. I spent about 45 minutes under that rack that was placed very close to my body. I know that a first-timer is not supposed to use it that long, and I know that it did do things to me because ever since, I do not feel the urge or the pleasure from drugs. I have done them since, but it is not the same, and I am forever grateful.  P. Horn San Francisco Ca 

“With ARC GEM LIGHT Therapy, you can effectively reset and permanently effect any physical or psychological condition.”  Shari Ball   ARC GEM LIGHT Therapist TEXAS

“After a few secessions I no longer have M.S.. I had suffered crippling pain for the past 12 years. I was and I am continually amazed and thankful to know that I am healed.  I used an ARC GEM LIGHT Therapy on vacation at a friend’s house in California over 2 weeks. I had about 7 secessions and after only a few, I felt so much go on inside of my body that I knew that I had been permanently effected by “riding the light”. After only a few more secessions, I no longer had any symptoms, and now months later, I know that the changes are permanent. And just in case they are not permanent changes, I have ordered my own ARC GEM LIGHTS and I use it on EVERYONE with AMAZING RESULTS!!! THANK YOU!!!”  Patricia Stevens New York New York

“I had a terrible postpartum rash, very painful, itchy, inflamed, and constant. It even kept me from sleeping and that kept me from functioning well with my new baby. So I tried everything, creams, antihistamines, baths, herbs etc. for over 2 months. The doctor had nothing that helped me either. Then I tried my friend’s new Gem Light rack and I could not believe it when the rash went away within an hour after I finished. I was only on it about 20 minutes and my skin and body tingled almost the whole time, and afterwards it was like watching an eraser work on my body. The rash came back a couple of days later, but it was not as bad at all, and I did anther treatment under the Gem Lights and again it went away, and it has never come back.”  Jamie L. New Zealand

“I was suicidal before my first ride on a ARC Gem Lights. I was terminally depressed and I sincerely believe that ARC GEM LIGHT Therapy saved my life and the lives of all that I am responsible for. My first experience under the lights gave me a deep sense of peace and a energy that allowed me to cope, and every time that I ride the lights, that sense of peace only gets deeper and I get stronger. If I can ever help you, please let me know. Thank you sincerely” Owen F. Chicago IL.  




  • Increased Energy
  • Increased Mental Clarity and Function
  • Increased Cellular Vibrational Rate
  • REDUCE or Completely Alleviate Pain
  • Alleviate ALL Bio-Energetic Disorders
  • Relieve Stress, Tensions, and Anxieties
  • Improve the Energetic Flows in the Mind and Body
  • Deep Feeling of Peace and Calm
  • THETA States achieved quickly, Brainwaves are harmonized, Hemispheres are Synchronized
  • EMOTIONAL HEALING EVERY TIME. This therapy opens and clears the chakras. These chakras/glands are your emotional centers. Emotions and moods are cohered, brought to higher states of being.
  • Facilitate Deep Meditative States, even in those who have trouble meditating at all.  ALL Proven with Bio-Feedback
  • Increased Mental Function
  • Lucid visualizations accompany use and seem to be a long lasting effect of deeper meditative states and improve bio-energetic function
  • Greater Visual Clarity.
  • Energetic sensations on, in, and over the body while using it. New energetic flows experienced in warmth, tingling, itching, and even twitching
  • Perceiving and feeling one’s own Chakras. Individuals who have never felt their Chakras before often feel them spinning while using the lights, many people report feeling their direction and mentally seeing their colors
  • Kundallini Experiences and 3rd Eye (Pineal Gland) Activation
  • Increased “psychic” abilities and awareness
  • Increased Awareness of oneself, environment, and the “grander scheme”
  • Increased Awareness. A greater clarity of mind is maybe the ‘crowning’ effect achieved in most every trial.
  • Feeling of being bathed in energy, of feeling energetics from head to toe
  • A motivated and more positive direction and nature to thoughts.
  • Improved sleep. Calmed dreams, more lucid/visual communicative dreams, “different” dreams than “normal”.
  • A feeling of lightness or airy-ness, most likely from higher vibrational state.
  • A clean feeling, vibrationally cleansed and energetically heightened. Cleaner internally, a feeling of being “bathed on the inside.”
  • Most report a desire to “clean up their diet,” or make other positive lifestyle changes.
  • Heightened sensory perception; tastes, vision, hearing, and other sense functions seem to be sharper and of higher functioning
  • Children absolutely love it, and are sensitive  to the dynamic energies present. This leaves them calm, relaxed, clear, focused, and peaceful
  • Animals love it and also have healing experiences.

All of the body is water energy moving in patterns. We call these patterns life. These patterns have inherent coherency and instabilities. ARC Gem Light Therapies work to continually increase the stability/coherence of the water structure of all Life forces and processes. By this, the consciousness and the physical body are improved graphically, continually, naturally, sustainably, and only in ways that Truly Water Resonant GEM Light Harmonics can.



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