Practitioner Use(S):

In whatever you do, GEM LIGHT THERAPY® will improve you and your practice. 


Enhance acupuncture in ways that NOTHING else can or will. Through the Earth-tuned bio-resonant magnetism that can be induced into acupuncture needles from the ARC Magnetic Resonance Gem Lights. Your results and your client’s peace and wellbeing will instantly rise to another level. The basis of acupuncture is to place needles into the skin that act as antennas to induce environmental energies. Inducing energy into these areas is well known to relieve blockages in physical systems by correcting the bio-energy, chi, or prana that flows along meridian lines where the needle-antennas are placed. The static electricity and Magnetism of the ARC GEM LIGHTS are drawn into, and conducted into the needles and thereby powerfully conducted into the body. Providing the needles and the body the proper earth-magnetism and earth resonant static energetic field to conduct into the body. Resulting in a MUCH MORE beneficial, as well as a more powerfully experienced acupuncture treatment. The Ultra-high, ultra coherent magnetic field is conducted into your NEEDLES, making the LIGHTNING RODS!

Reiki / Energy Healing:

ARC GEMS LIGHTS at the place where more have learned REIKI than any other place. PEACE PLACE IN SEDONA

There is no better way to energize and harmonize the energy of an Energy healing or client.

Many Energy Healers are incorporating quartz crystal ‘singing’ bowls for their vibrational healing properties, light therapies for their energetic properties, and Gems for their color/structural and energetic properties. ARC Gem Light Therapy is the only therapy that combines all of these modalities, doing so in a way that is highly profitable, highly affective/therapeutic/enhancing, and highly amazing. And Guaranteed Effective to the highest degrees, Forever. ARC GEM Light Energy IS Energy Healing. It enhances you, you Enhance them.

Contact owner Michael Baird, who says “ARC GEM LIGHTS ARE IT”, “The Christ Light!”  @ Peace Place SEDONA AZ

Reflexology and Massage Therapists

You AND the client are revived! The Energy from ARC GEM Lights, combined with massage therapy is almost guaranteed to put your client into the astral plane then into a peaceful sleep. Keeping you grounded and cleared from any of the client’s static bio-energetics.

Cranial Sacral

“Having your client in this field when you are working on them is amazing, an AMAZING synergy.”

Jeffery Williams, Nevada City Ca.


Gem Light Therapy Secessions average over 125/hour world wide, ranging from 60/hr to 350/ hr. This is directly due to their effectiveness, device costs, and their Rarity.

Acupuncture, Chiropractic, Integrative Medicine, Reiki, Reflexology, Cranial Sacral, Quantum Touch, Hypnosis, Guided Meditation, Wellness Clinic, Spa, Bathhouse, etc etc…

GEM LIGHT Therapy systems are made for Practitioners to Practice. To Aide and facilitate, as well as greatly enhance all healing and enhancement treatments.

Tree Of Life Tech now holds official PATENT for ARC Crystals and ARC GEM LIGHT THERAPY. “ARC VOGEL CRYSTAL®” and “GEM LIGHT THERAPY®” are both ®REGISTERED FEDERAL TRADEMARKS. We have built and protected a phenomenon, a truly unique, novel, and effective device, and we will continue building until GEM LIGHT THERAPY is available to everyone who wants or needs it.  We say this to let you know that our company has been here (since 2010), and will continue to be here for you, and we cannot say the same for the copy-cats and the fly-by-nights companies, and issuance of our Patent on 8-8-2017, finally and truly allows Tree Of Life Tech to grow and blossom.

ARC Gem Light Therapy is truly a world class therapy device with no equivalent. Comparisons to the “John of ‘god'” crystal light bed, or the Maharishi Gem Lights are only on the surface. ARC GEM Lights are the height Bio-Energy and WATER therapies, and we have pioneered the Science of bio-water therapy and enhancement. All other crystal light therapies are truly gimmicks when compared to the power and science of the true water resonant information/pattern transfer of ARC GEM Light Therapy.

ARC Gem Lights involve TRUE Vogel Cut Crystals and incorporate potentially an infinite combination of Gems, minerals, various forms/frequencies of light and Magnetism that create a field of energy that is amazingly therapeutic. Maharaji, and other “Gem Light therapies” (using our name illegally), only employ about 13 common Gems. They are a handful of very expensive gemstones under some lights. Just Gems and some Light. No Spectro-Chrome, No water-resonant Vogel Crystal, no Patented and highly effective Magnetic Drive, and only employ a handful of Gems. There is an average of over 150 DIFFERENT GEM and mineral species involved in ARC GEM Light Therapies. These GEMS, as well as several homeopathic material ingredients, are all specifically chosen for the vibrational, structural, and energetic properties, and for their effect on light, magnetism, bio-energy, and WATER. Other “Crystal beds” employ common crystals or even rocks, or what are clearly knock-off/fake-cheap imitation Vogel Crystals. These are relaxation therapies at best, and we are very familiar with those and their effects as we began our research experimenting with Classic Vogel Crystal light beds. There is a marketable effect, but those on the market are irrelevant light therapies, and are metaphysical and/or intentional healing devices at best, as stated by “John of god” and others who claim that “entities” and “spirits” create the effects experienced in those crystal light therapies. Further, John of god and other manufacturer’s licensing agreement for those beds contains language that PROHIBITS PRACTITIONERS FROM PRACTICING ANY OTHER MODALITY ON THOSE LIGHT-BEDS.

We understand the potentials and the effects of crystal, Vogel Crystal, GEM, and magnetic field therapies, and that is why we found a PATENTED way of combining them, creating a SYNERGY of energy that has more power than any of it’s parts.

We Invite you and your clients to become experienced, and to allow ARC GEM LIGHT THERAPY to uplift your practice. Whatever you do, GEM Light Therapy will improve your results.