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March 18, 1978 – Yoga Retreat, Nassau

(This was a lecture given at Paradise Island, Nassau, after Marcel’s return from India)

What Swamiji is holding in his hand is a crystal that was made by me with my own hands — a gift to him and all of you — to open, to illumine.  This crystal was used in the mountains, Swamiji and myself tuned into the crystal and a power was ignited in my body. I am a scientist. I have devoted my life to this study of phenomena, the aspects of nature that are amenable to study through the analytical instruments that science has to offer.

The most wonderful instrument we have is our bodies.  This what God designed us to be, an instrument of service to Him.  We are made in the image of God and as we let this light shine forth, we illuminate this body, cause it to illuminate us, to emit its light and sound its note which then manifests the teaching that comes from within.
The Crystal which Swamiji holds is quartz; I have a similar one in my own hand.  They are designed to take the energy of mind and bring it into focus and start the spiral of life moving through the crystal.  As we, together on the mountain in intense sunlight, went into this crystal we felt a pulse moving in the crystal. When that pulse took hold, my body became as of fire.  One side of my body became hot, the other side intensely cold. That power continued to increase until I had almost had to cry out. It was then that the illumination took place.  With my eyes closed, I saw a light inside my head which became more and more intense until in that light, an image appeared.  That image was a temple, a temple which was on that mountain.  In that temple where people; suddenly there was a fire.  I saw flames coming up, red flames and the people screaming in terror as the temple coming down in flames.  Then suddenly there was no more; that was the end of the image.

It was then that I asked myself why we were here; what was the purpose of making this mission to the mountain.  It came to me that we were there as instruments of purification.

I then went with Swami Brahmananda to the forest. I asked Master Sivananda, through this man, what was the purpose of the visit and why were we there.  The answer came directly through him that we were there to “ignite the flame”.  I asked that question three times and as he said these words, he remarked, “I do not understand what I am saying. It does not make sense to me”.  As I asked this question and received the answer, there was with us a clear image of Sivananda.  His image was precise.  He was there it was a real phenomenon.

I saw that we can that we can, with love, bring back the culture that India has given us and from that true fusion, a linking of the East and West will take place.  In my heart, I feel that Swam Sivananda had this as a primary objective all his life and we had the privilege and the opportunity of fulfilling it.

I would like to now give a short technical explanation of how crystals work.  The reality of our body is not the physical form that we look at, the reality is in the energy field that surrounds you.  This is our ethereal body, which is also a crystal and has an energy form. The pattern of the space groups, the linking of these energy fields is systematic, regular. Information of the mind is stored in these space groups.  Quartz is particularly wonderful in storing the information of the mind.

It is silicon dioxide, with a space group very close to that released from the body, forms patterns of fields which surround our bodies.  The energy of mind utilizing these fields can penetrate crystals of this type.  The energy can be reabsorbed or retransmitted as the basic shape is hexagonal.  We in our pattern of energy around us are hexagonal.  The most economic use of space is a hexagonal space.  You’ll find this in a beehive – hexagonal, 6 sides.

In the future crystals will be used for healing, in communications, thought photography.  They will be used in intergalactic communications and used to communicate with Masters and Teachers who were in this earth plane at one time.

The method and form that men will use requires guidance from other planes.  It is beyond normal human intelligence, and I am grateful to our Lord for guidance he has given me.  Many tie sI wished to destroy these crystals and not revel again to mankind the teaching that was given at one time.  The reason was that I was concerned about the misuse or abuse of sources of energy at this time.

Now I will sit down; we will maintain silence.  What I am going to do is link my mind into this crystal and then project into this wonderful person we have before us (Swami Sridharanandaji, who was “off”), as well as with and into Swamiji.  When one links, one sees the light in the third eye.  It becomes luminous, a small precise dot.  When one directs this  into the crystal , a pulsation takes place.  Now the pulsation starts.  Now I will direct the pulsation into the crystal in Swamiji’s hands.

(Note: With this lecture I was trying to teach Swamije Vishnu Devananda how to use the crystal in meditation and to be careful how it is used.  Unfortunately this was not done and much confusion resulted in the ensuing months at Val Morin-Canada)

Marcel J. Vogel

NOTE from Tree of Life Tech.

This was Marcel describing his profound and now slightly famous Kundalini experience that he had with a guru in India.  Marcel began to try to teach these ‘masters’ about the relevance and the spiritual-scientific reality of the Vogel Crystal.  Marcel’s greatest fear was that the Vogel Crystal would be missed. Marcel understood the unique and immense Power of the Vogel, and knew well the potentials of its misuse. We feel, just as he did; that the potential for misuse of the Classic Vogel Crystal may have rendered it unethical for common sale, but he knew that it had to be placed out there for the world to advance. Marcel could only use Radionic attunment and specific prayer-work in order to attempt to insure that the Vogel crystal is not used for ill intent, but it is not enough, so he was often frustrated and disillusioned. I believe that if Marcel’s heart attack was of natural causes, then it was of the heart-break of people misunderstanding and misusing of his sacred work and legacy.

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