INTRO to PiezoElectricity



We can squeeze Barium zirconium titanate; that squeeze is converted into electricity. You may see the electricity as a spark. The arc is about 60,000 volts. When you wire up piezoelectric quartz crystals, electricity is manufactured just by touching them. We took a sonic generator, put it into a voice coil, and sounded notes. When we were able to sound certain fundamental notes, the crystal would start oscillating.

This charged crystal was placed on the face of a photo-multiplier tube (which measures light), in a dark box. Then we fed the signal from the photo-multiplier tube to an oscilloscope. I took a deep breath, took the image of the crystal into my mind, and pulsed it with my mind from four feet away. Each time I let my breath out, you could see the signal on the scope, indicating the energy transfer from my mind into the crystal. Some form of light was being picked up by the photo-multiplier tube and carried into the scope.


*NOTE:  Marcel Proved scientifically that the natural piezoelectric and light potentials/actions of quartz, are interacted with by the brain and through intention. FUNDAMENTALLY AMAZING!!!

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