INTRO to Magnetic Healing




Anton Mesmer did the original scientific work on Magnetic Healing. Usually when a healer is working, it is either magnetic or electrical. When you are doing Magnetic Healing, you are dealing with the lines of force that surround the body of the individual.  You work by moving your hands through this magnetic field.  By means of the passes, an inductive charge is induced in their body.  If they are receptive to that energy a healing may occur.  The resultant inductive charge parallels the process of a rotor, rotating in an electromagnetic field, and giving us the electromotive force (EMF).  Movements such as walking or jogging, propel us through the lines of force of the Earth’s magnetic field. In addition, it induces an energizing charge.  A study should be made of static v.s. dynamic jogging, and static sitting v.s. sitting on a moving object in or out of the Earth’s primary field.

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