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Learn the Truth of Structured Water,
Life, Energy, and Consciousness

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Water Codes charts the most breakthrough research and revolutionary discoveries, unlocking the world of water, consciousness, and health. The most comprehensive book on structured water to date, Water Codes reveals the most important realities of our existence, through the amazing science and spirit of water!

Discover how water works as a fractal antenna and what this really means, how water operates the storehouse and mechanism of consciousness, and how our bodies, minds, and spirits are connected through this dynamic crystalline matrix which composes over 99% of the molecules in the human body by count. With this knowledge, we also discover what the sacred texts of our ancestors were really trying to tell us about water, Life, consciousness, karma, and the fabric of our Universe - answering questions mankind has been asking for centuries, and unlocking secrets hidden deep within the Water Codes.
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EMF Protection

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The Finest in EMF Protection

From the Ones Who Know It Best

written by Dr. Carly Nuday

Tree of Life Tech has done extensive research into the science of artificial EMF damage, and as a result has developed the finest in EMF protection. In fact, the origins of our roots has artificial EMF's at the heart of it's story. And we are the only company in the world who can tell you exactly how it works and what you can do to protect yourself.

The Effects of EMF's

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Harmful, artificial EMF's (such as those from wi-fi, cell phones, computers, electronics, etc.) negatively affect the body by degrading it's natural inherent crystallography. Awareness of this effect is often called EMF sensitivity, but one need not be consciously aware of the negative effects EMF have on the body in order to be "EMF sensitive". We are all affected negatively by harmful and artificial EMF's, this is an undeniable fact simply as living organisms highly responsive to various types of electromagnetic energy.

Though many people can and discuss the various types of effects harmful EMF's can have, such as it's connections to cancers and way they wreak havoc on the nervous system, no one other than Tree of Life Tech can tell you exactly how and why this is, and what you can really do to best protect and heal yourself from these effects. No one else, at the time of this article, will tell you that harmful EMF's are degrading your body's inherent crystallography. And yet this is exactly what is happening.
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Water and Frequencies:
Structured Water Science

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Let's talk about how this works. The body's water system is incredibly complex and highly structured, responsible for maintaining the integrity of the DNA, cellular function, and overall system health. When there is a loss of structure in the water of the body, impaired cellular and DNA function result which we experience as symptoms of illness. This science is well charted in Water Codes, and there are more examples of this phenomena occurring in research everyday - for example, geneticists are now able to manipulate fish DNA by manipulating the hydration sheath surrounding the DNA - also known as the water.

Likewise, the body's bio-energetic system is highly structured, and intimately linked with our water system. Every electromagnetic frequency is essentially a pattern of information. Every cell in our body emits it's own electromagnetic frequency pattern, groups of tissues resonate together and emit a chord of harmonic frequencies, organs emit their own overall chorus of interwoven electromagnetic frequencies from every cell, and thus the body as a whole ends up being an entire orchestra of it's own natural emitting electromagnetic frequencies. In optimum health, these frequencies are all vibrating in a harmonic, synchronized fashion, that perfectly conducted orchestra where every player is exactly on pitch with perfect, synchronized timing, as the body orchestrates and conducts its every process through electromagnetic frequency interactions between molecules, ions, and cells. As each of these molecules, enzymes, cells, tissue groups, organs, and systems are emitting their various frequency chords, these energetic patterns are nested, or woven together, creating a complex matrix of geometries, all having precise mathematical relationships to each other as a result of their harmonic synchronization. Think of this visually, as each piece of the whole is emitting their wave of energy, they are all intricately interwoven together in this dynamic crystalline matrix of space, in perfect form, when the body is in perfect health. This overall woven energy pattern, comprised of many notes all combined to make the harmonic "chord" that is you in this present moment, is sometimes referred to as the "aura".

The Nuts and Bolts
of Artificial EMF's, Health, and Water Structure

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So what happens when this dynamic, crystalline matrix of water that is our body (99.9% by molecule count), and this dynamic, crystalline matrix that is our bio-energetic system and aura, encounters artificial EMF's? Artificial EMF's are also patterns of energy, but their patterns are disruptive and destructive to healthy living organisms, and our bodies are extremely responsive systems. Consider this: electromagnetic frequencies are measured in terms of how many cycles per second the pattern repeats itself, called it's Hertz value. The median average Hertz value of the energy emitted by the Earth which resonates, or echoes, in the ionosphere, is about 7.83 Hertz, a frequency which is found to be not only beneficial and supportive but also necessary for Life. The average Hertz value that the typically cell phone operates on is in the GigaHertz range - that is, billions of cycles per second.

The pattern emitted by cell phones, computers, wi-fi boxes, microwaves, etc., are extremely fast compared to what our bodies are designed to encounter. They are destructive patterns, which penetrate the matrix of the bio-energetic system and break apart it's inherent crystallography, causing dissonance - a loss of harmony between interacting molecules, cells, and tissue groups, which means a loss of information transfer and overall function. Water, in it's equally high responsiveness to various forms of energy and stimuli, likewise experiences a loss of crystallography, or geometric complexity, as the interacting destructive energy pattern has a similar effect to it's crystallography.

Protect Yourself from EMF's:
The ARC Tech Answer for Restoring Crystallography

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Our world is polluted with artificial electromagnetic frequencies to such an extreme we can hardly conceive it. There are more electromagnetic frequencies bouncing around our environment than there are on the surface of the sun, artificially produced and largely trapped in our atmosphere, stuck in a cycle of continuous bouncing around our planet while wreaking havoc on natural life systems.

So what are we to do when our environment is convoluted with destructive energies that are breaking down our crystallography? We increase the density and structure of the energy field in and surrounding the body, so it is less susceptible to artificial EMF interference, and we give our body's water and bio-energetic system complex crystallographic support in the form of energy and information it can use to repair, restore, and reinforce it's inherent crystallography. We do this through the power of ARC Crystals.

Because of quartz's natural relationship with water, wherein quartz - SiO2 - and water - H2O - "fit" together and are able to share information (a natural level of resonance), quartz makes the perfect delivery system for crystallographic information. By embedding multiple gems, minerals, and conductive materials into the quartz under intense compression, we create a pressure field referred to as torsion, and we activate the natural piezoelectric property of the quartz which converts the mechanical pressure of the gems and minerals inside into an electrical energy, increasing the electromagnetic energy being generated from the crystal - making for an incredibly strong, large, and dense field. These complex crystallographic patterns are radiated through the quartz, and just as the body is a complex orchestra of interwoven energy patterns, so too is an ARC Crystal a complex chorus of interwoven crystal patterns, spoken in a language that the water and energy systems can understand and use: that of it's solid state sister, quartz.

And because of the perpetual torsion field inside of the crystal, and the magnetic drive interaction from the naturally magnetic materials also embedded inside, ARC Crystals are perpetually driving energy through their structure, continually emitting the patterns of complex integrated crystallographies. These patterns, forever emitted from the ARC, increase the density, strength, and geometric integrity of the bio-energetic system, as well as the water of the body. For pendants and jewelry specific for EMF Protection, we use a pre-formulated gem and mineral mix using combined elements known for their abilities to assist with EMF protection and absorbing and transmuting harmful radiations. As a result, artificial EMF's are no longer able to penetrate and degrade your inherent level of crystallography as they once had.

ARC Tech for EMF Protection

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ARC Vogel Crystal Light Bed
While ARC Stars and ARC Therapeutic Jewelry are by far the best daily wear EMF Protection offered anywhere, ARC Gem Light Therapy systems offer a whole new level of restoration from harmful artificial EMF damage. ARC Gem Lights work deep in the heart of the water and energy systems, directly inducing into the energy centers (also called gland centers, chakras, or areas with the least bio-electric resistance) the specific crystallographic pattern information used by that direct system. Energy is not just radiating from the crystal, it is driven by affixed magnetism which further stimulates energy emissions as well as projected and stimulated by the specific light frequencies used by NASA and charted by Dinshah and Spectro-Chrome therapy to be the most bio-available beneficial light frequencies known to man.

The result of such dynamic interactions is nothing short of amazing and effective. While ARC Gem Lights are known to help everyone in some way for their profound effects on the water and energy system, it's abilities to repair artificial EMF damage, and restore and reinforce crystallography in the body are unparalleled. Visit this link for more information on ARC Gem Light Therapy Systems.
ARC Stars and ARC Crystals are lifetime, custom made tools, available in a variety of sizes, settings and types of quartz. Get your ARC Star or other ARC Therapeutic Jewelry and begin truly protecting yourself against harmful EMF's, by visiting the Store today!

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