Water is Crystallographic in nature, this is your nature. As the crystallography in our cell waters diminish, our DNA and bodies diminish as well. The only patterns in Nature that are known NOT to Age are Gems. Gems are Non-Entropic, and through these patterns passed directly into your cellular waters, the potential is for the DNA to be far less dehydrated and diminished, due to it’s home, water molecule ‘STACKS’, being De-structured and diminished. DNA is 99+% water Molecules, the brain is 90% water weight, 98+% water by molecule, as well as the body being 90+% water by molecule. When you talk Molecular count of the body, it is almost ALL Water! With 99.9+ Chemical reactions in the body being based on and dependent upon water, Again, it is All about the water when you are talking Any therapy or Treatment. When You are talking water, it is all about the energy of the water. The Structure and Energetic Capacity. There is no other tool on the planet designed or accomplishing more for Water.

“Water is the Key and the Canvas for our health and our Evolution.” Apollo

There is no other tool on the Planet that is so focused on Your bio-Water. Because there is no other tool whose effects can only be understood by the quantum/spiritual/energetic reality of the Water-body!

We feel as Dr. Albert Gyorgyi, Nobel Prize Winner said about water, and as Dr. Marcel Vogel, founder of both the computer and Aquarian (water) ages, knew of water science and of the completion of his crystalline tool; that the ARC VOGEL, the tool that can cohere/pattern the crystallographic molecular water structure in the cellular system, “Will Change The World”. They Both knew it, it is for US to EXPERIENCE.

The Unique and ‘Magical’ affect of this therapy is accomplished through the pristine energies of GEM Perfected light, GEM perfected vibration, GEM Perfected Magnetism, and the Natural Vogel ARC Perfect Water Resonance.


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