Tree of Life Technologies inc.

Toll Free:

1(855) GEM-HEAL

We are Dr. Carly Nuday and Dr. Apollo Stoppelbein, inventors and sole distributors of the PATENTED A.R.C. Vogel Crystals®  and A.R.C. GEM LIGHT THERAPY®, and Founders of Tree of Life Technologies.

We are available for inquiries regarding the ARC GEM Light Therapy systems, and all ARC and ARC Vogel

Crystal technologies, as well as to inquiries pertaining to all health modalities and Structured Water therapies. Also, to incorporate your skill, knowledge, and spirit with Tree Of Life Tech, contact us with your proposal.

We Offer knowledge and THE FINEST tools of health and enlightenment(s) on the planet, on our path in the same. GUARANTEED to HELP like NOTHING ELSE, or your MONEY BACK, ANYTIME. We have never had a return, and that integrity speaks of itself.

Let us know how we may work with you, or how you can work with us. OUR GOAL IS ARC GEM LIGHTS FOR ALL, so contact us, and see what ‘magic’ can happen.

Thank You and BE WELL!