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ARC Vogel Crystals®

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Organic vitamin and mineral nutritional support.

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Learn the Truth of Structured Water,
Life, Energy, and Consciousness

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Water Codes charts the most breakthrough research and revolutionary discoveries, unlocking the world of water, consciousness, and health. The most comprehensive book on structured water to date, Water Codes reveals the most important realities of our existence, through the amazing science and spirit of water!

Discover how water works as a fractal antenna and what this really means, how water operates the storehouse and mechanism of consciousness, and how our bodies, minds, and spirits are connected through this dynamic crystalline matrix which composes over 99% of the molecules in the human body by count. With this knowledge, we also discover what the sacred texts of our ancestors were really trying to tell us about water, Life, consciousness, karma, and the fabric of our Universe - answering questions mankind has been asking for centuries, and unlocking secrets hidden deep within the Water Codes.
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ARC Crystal Light Bed
ARC Crystal Light Bed with Sound Therapy
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ARC Gem Light Therapy®
System Components

The Finest and Most Effective
Health or Energy Therapy on the Planet.

For Home or Practitioner Use

ARC Gem Light Therapy® Systems are lifetime systems, built using the greatest materials and craftsmanship available, and include the following components:
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Crystals over the root chakra are filled with rubies, garnet, red calcite, tourmalines, hematite, red jasper, shungite, bloodstone, etc. Crystals over the sacral chakra are filled with citrines, orange garnets, carnelians, orange calcite, amber, sunstone, and more. Solar Plexus fillings include peridot, moonstone, tiger's eye, sunstone, calcites, chrysoberyl, citrine, etc. Heart Chakra crystals include such as emeralds, beryl, jades, apatite, green quartz, rose quartz, pink and green tourmaline, green aventurine, and more. Throat crystals include turquoise, chalcedony, lapis lazuli, blue kyanite, blue calcite, and more. Third Eye crystals include lapis lazuli, sodalite, kunzite, blue topaz, aquamarine, and more. Crown crystals include amethyst, sapphires, sugilite, stitchite, angelite, celestite, etc.
Tree of Life Technologies, Inc. is the exclusive creator and distributor of the officially PATENTED ARC Gem Light Therapy®.

Signature Patent Pending ARC
Vogel Crystals®

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Choose the number and size of your ARC Crystals, from 7 crystal systems up to 35 crystal systems in either small, medium, or large crystals. ARC Vogel Crystals are filled with 30-50 different gems, minerals, conductive materials, and other elements specific to their chakra. ARC Crystals are self-clearing, a central component of ARC Gem Light Therapy not offered by any other crystal or system. Clearing minerals such as selenite are included in every crystal, and perpetual pulsed magnetic interactions ensure that these clearing energies are constantly driven through the crystal, keeping them clean and clear of unwanted information.
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ARC Light Racks and Beds utilize specific colors of light that are the most beneficial and bio-available frequencies for the body, gland centers, and chakras. High rated, long-lasting, and energy efficient full spectrum L.E.D.'s are used behind Spectro-Chrome color frequencies, and are operated by a simple, easy to use light controller with a standard outlet. With the turn of a dial, select the speed of flash rate comfortable for you or your client and project the most selective bio-resonant light frequencies, through the most advanced bio-resonant ARC Vogel Crystals®.
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Naturally Pulsed Rare Earth Magnetism

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Each crystal is affixed with naturally pulsed rare-earth magnetism, which stimulates, creates, and drives greater amount of energy and magnetism through the crystal. Tree of Life Tech is the first and only company in the world to create this interaction between magnetism and quartz. The result is a profound increase in effectiveness, and involves the application of torsion fields and implosion principles within the finest healing technology.
ARC GEM LIGHT Therapy is so effective that we Guarantee that it will work to help you! If it does not, you can return it for a complete refund, ANYTIME, with the Tree Guarantee.

ARC GEM LIGHTS work like nothing else on Earth. Guaranteed.

Gem Lights

Infinite GEM Lights with ARC Vogel Crystals. The most effective and advanced
natural healing technology on the planet,

ARC Crystal Light Bed


ARC Stars are the finest in energy pendants and personal EMF protection. The world's greatest Therapeutic Jewelry.

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ARC Crystals are the revolutionary advancement of the legacy of Dr. Marcel Vogel. Perfect for Reiki, healing tools, meditation, water structuring, EMF protection, and more.

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