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Learn the Truth of Structured Water,
Life, Energy, and Consciousness

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Water Codes charts the most breakthrough research and revolutionary discoveries, unlocking the world of water, consciousness, and health. The most comprehensive book on structured water to date, Water Codes reveals the most important realities of our existence, through the amazing science and spirit of water!

Discover how water works as a fractal antenna and what this really means, how water operates the storehouse and mechanism of consciousness, and how our bodies, minds, and spirits are connected through this dynamic crystalline matrix which composes over 99% of the molecules in the human body by count. With this knowledge, we also discover what the sacred texts of our ancestors were really trying to tell us about water, Life, consciousness, karma, and the fabric of our Universe - answering questions mankind has been asking for centuries, and unlocking secrets hidden deep within the Water Codes.
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Energy works in patterns. Different types of energy create different energetic patterns, and cause different effects on other energy patterns. The information of a certain energy - whether it is positive or negative, healing or destructive, or even red or blue - is encoded into it's very own specific pattern. The energy system in our body, called our bio-energy, also operates on complex crystallographic patterns. When these patterns are degraded, loss of wellness results.

All energy therapies, whether Reiki, acupuncture, hypnosis, healing touch, or even meditation, are all unknowingly aimed at improving the geometries and crystal patterns of your water and energy system - which in turn result in higher functioning and a greater experience of wellness. ARC Technologies are knowingly aimed at improving our inherent level of crystallography, and in doing so become the most effective energy therapy and bio-energy enhancement tools on the Planet. ARC Stars and ARC Crystals radiate infinite gems and geometric patterns, in water-resonance to your system. In the ARC Gem Lights, the 7 colors of Spectro-Chrome - the most bio-available color frequencies for our body - are shone through these infinite gems and geometric patterns for a full-spectrum therapy and enhancement. ARC Tech is Energy Therapy at it's finest, in it's most Epic form.
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Chakras are Glands, Too
Support Your Chakras and Glands
Through ARC Vogel Crystal® Technology

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The energy system of the human body is real, and recognized by countless cultures, advanced diagnostic equipment, and has even been demonstrated and charted in several scientific studies. The 7 major Chakras of ancient Ayurveda are areas of the body where various energetic channels converge and intersect, creating a large area of vortexing energy movement. These 7 major chakras are located in approximation to the glands with which they are associated - the glands being intricately linked physical processing components of our bio-energetic Chakra system, whose functions directly relate to the chakra on which they are situated.

Delivering Bio-Energetic Information to your Chakras and Glands

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ARC Crystals provide all of the energetic patterns used and required by our chakras and glands, and in the ARC Gem Lights they are delivered and induced into each chakra and gland center using the Spectro-Chrome color frequencies - specific frequencies of colors that match the bio-availability of our chakras, and the specific frequency colors they require for optimum functioning.
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The Blueprints of True Health:
Crystals, Energy, and Health

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Our energy systems and physical systems - our chakras and glands, meridians and veins, auras and cells - all work in tandem, together, through the incredible nature of our water system. This water system, which accounts for 99% of the molecules in your body, must be structured and arranged in complex, crystallographic patterns - the ones delivered through ARC Technologies and the water-resonant ARC Crystals.

These crystallographic patterns are the true blueprints for health. Through the amazing resonant piezoelectric properties of quartz, and the discoveries of Marcel Vogel, ARC Technologies delivers these structured energy patterns, these blueprints for health, directly to the water of the body, giving it the information necessary to structure itself to greater form, resulting in better health, and higher consciousness.
Discover how you can best use gems, minerals, and vitamin-filled crystals to support your energy and health through ARC Technologies, or visit the Store to connect with your new ARC Crystal, get the book Water Codes and discover the secrets hidden within the science and spirit of water. Or, learn more about Water, Inc. and how you can join the non-profit dedicated to the education, advancement, and development of water science!

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Infinite GEM Lights with ARC Vogel Crystals. The most effective and advanced
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ARC Stars are the finest in energy pendants and personal EMF protection. The world's greatest Therapeutic Jewelry.

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ARC Crystals are the revolutionary advancement of the legacy of Dr. Marcel Vogel. Perfect for Reiki, healing tools, meditation, water structuring, EMF protection, and more.

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