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Learn the Truth of Structured Water,
Life, Energy, and Consciousness

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Water Codes charts the most breakthrough research and revolutionary discoveries, unlocking the world of water, consciousness, and health. The most comprehensive book on structured water to date, Water Codes reveals the most important realities of our existence, through the amazing science and spirit of water!

Discover how water works as a fractal antenna and what this really means, how water operates the storehouse and mechanism of consciousness, and how our bodies, minds, and spirits are connected through this dynamic crystalline matrix which composes over 99% of the molecules in the human body by count. With this knowledge, we also discover what the sacred texts of our ancestors were really trying to tell us about water, Life, consciousness, karma, and the fabric of our Universe - answering questions mankind has been asking for centuries, and unlocking secrets hidden deep within the Water Codes.
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ARC Stars

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The King of Energy Pendants
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Let none absent of geometry pass through these doors.
Plato's Front Door
ARC Star of David Vogel Crystal Clear Gold

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Dr. Marcel Vogel and Dr. Apollo Stoppelbein
have created the most important and epic accessory on Earth.

ARC Pendants are the finest and most genius scientific and energetic application of Sacred Geometry in the world. Hand-cut from raw quartz and are shaped into one of the most energetically dynamic forms in the world, ARC Stars are filled with the energies, patterns, and complex geometries of multiple gems and minerals inside, storing and emitting more intricate geometric forms than we can even conceive. Marcel Vogel used the energy shape dynamics of the Star to create a vortexing energy mover, drawing energy in through one side of the crystal and projecting energy outward through the other side.

Now the most perfect energy mover, container, resonator, and bio-energetic transmitter of the Vogel Star takes on an entirely new dynamic, and becomes truly epic as they transform into an electric and fractal field which contains, moves, resonates, and transmits the best and highest patterns on Earth of gems, minerals, and nutrients embedded inside, combined for your energetic enhancement and evolutionary advancement. And that's just the start of their awesome nature.

the Computer-Chip for Bio-Energy

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Years ago, IBM scientist and genius Dr. Marcel Vogel realized the fundamental actions and potentials of natural quartz, as it pertains to bio-energetic therapy and enhancement. He also discovered the power of shape as it pertains to energetic movement, and as a result created the Vogel Crystal and the Vogel Star.

Yet by the time Marcel passed, he realized that the classic Vogel Crystal and Vogel Star were not only incomplete but could also be potentially dangerous, due to the powerful yet indiscriminate energy storage and re-transmittance of quartz. A classic Vogel, being purely quartz crystal, is subject to the raw and indiscriminate properties of quartz, which stores negative energy and information just as easily and readily as positive information. Knowing this, Marcel charged future researchers and scientists to continue his work, which was "just beginning."

In 2011, Dr. Apollo completed Marcel's work, and found the way to use the Vogel Crystal and Star as Marcel originally intended - as a delivery system for information, with a tool that uses the crystal shape dynamics discovered and developed by Dr. Marcel Vogel to deliver in water-resonance the type of information our bodies truly need - complex geometries and crystallographic patterns.

Marcel Vogel invented the basis of the computer hard-drive and the LCD screen. By doing so, he laid much of the foundation for today's computer and information age. He also created the basis for a paradigm-shifting holistic therapy and the the ARC Star and ARC Vogel Pendants: the Computer-Chips for Bio-Energetics.

Fractal Fields

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The ARC Star is electric. It has gems and materials that give each ARC Star a static electric charge and field. This is especially so when it is combined with you and your aura. All things vibrate, and create a vibrational field. The vibrational field of an object is, essentially, a radio emission. Quartz vibrates naturally, and more so when it is electrified. Just as lightening is a static electric force that excites and energizes the quartz Earth, the static-electric energy from your aura excites and energizes the ARC. The electrical emission from your heart will gather and receive, store, conduct, transmit, and amplify the energy of your aura and bio-electricity. You and the ARC begin to create the world's most FRACTAL FIELD. You become the beacon of light, as subtle photons and geometric energetic field interactions begin to shape and mold the patterns of the energetic world around you. You become the holy and sacred, as your sacred geometrically perfect aura feeds-back into your water and body, and as the ultra-coherent and ultra-high frequency of the ARC Star's vibration uplifts and energetically anoints and blesses you and your environment.
Visit the Store to connect with your new ARC Star! Then get the book Water Codes and discover the secrets hidden within the science and spirit of water. Or, learn more about Water, Inc. and how you can join the non-profit dedicated to the education, advancement, and development of water science!

Gem Lights

Infinite GEM Lights with ARC Vogel Crystals. The most effective and advanced
natural healing technology on the planet,

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ARC Stars are the finest in energy pendants and personal EMF protection. The world's greatest Therapeutic Jewelry.

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ARC Crystals are the revolutionary advancement of the legacy of Dr. Marcel Vogel. Perfect for Reiki, healing tools, meditation, water structuring, EMF protection, and more.

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