Digital = Encoded Light

Pattern = CODE, and to encode/pattern light for therapeutic purposes, IS DIGITAL MEDICINE 




Light in it’s most pure and precise (colors) frequencies, is shone through the crystals and gems in an ARC VOGEL. The Materials inside of the quartz, as well as the quartz itself, work to re-pattern the light. This GEM and quartz re-patterning is COHERING the Light. Alignig the waves and photons into a system, like a school of fish, rather than scattered “static” patterns.


igp_1024x640-_wigglesCOHERENT COMMUNE

Perception only requires energy to be exchanged, but Communication always requires Coherent information, as well as Coherence between source and receiver. and coherence, whether in science or technology, is most-often accomplished by moving energy through GEMS. Microscopes, Telescopes, Lasers, Sonar, radio, etc.13193496965digitalhivelivewallpaper5

In these technologies and more that require Coherent Commune between the body and a machine, QUARTZ is the perfect medium, the tool that allows man to commune with Energy and machine.


Antena-3Q. What is the Information, what is the MESSAGE?

A. The STRUCTURAL BLUEPRINTS of the finest structures in Nature. GEMS

IMG_20140530_100452_873The Light is exposed to the GEMS and other materials embedded inside of the ARC VOGEL, and this creates highly FRACTAL and complex patterns in the light. These patterns of energy are essentially, VAST INFORMATION that is DIGITALLY communicated to the body. The body receives this Coherent INFORMATION, and because of the Quartz Resonance with the water-body, we are able to receive, process, and thereby compute and fully-gain from this information. Information that is received as beautiful, yet highly energized and information-laden colors. Light colors that go deep into the skin and is absorbed by photo receptors in cells, and by the blood, organs, and the DNA.

This digital (light encoded) information is decoded (computed) by the cell, DNA, and the Water Structures that compose the body. Giving the systems of the body; the codes to continually build you to higher and higher states of being.  Truly energizing the mind and body to higher states, due to the re-structuring of the cellular fluids and re-patterning of bio-energetics.


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