An Introduction to ARC GEM Light Therapy


We are in a time, and remember that it is only for a time, wherein the majority of the population has been processed and conditioned to feel that it is suitable and morally sustainable to treat their ailments and injuries by becoming a chemical soup or a trauma victim. I boldly exclaim to you that there are OTHER PATHS. As Dr. Oz recently exclaimed regarding Pulsed Magnetic Field Therapies, “THERE ARE REVOLUTIONARY CURES FOR PAIN”. Many other Medical Doctors are boldly making their own claims regarding the NOW of medicine. It is clear that we are on a new frontier, and Tree of Life Tech is the Future of medicine and healthcare.

Magnetic Resonance Therapy MRT

Subtle, natural magnetic fields in perfected vibrational harmony in resonance with the water-based systems of the body.

You are looking at a therapy that may seem space-age, new-age, science fiction, or quackery. BUT, it is based on the lifelong developments of the same man that did much to create the crystallography composing the computer by which you read this site from. Marcel Vogel Invented the Liquid crystal display AND the Magnetic Coating for the computer hard-drive. QUITE A GUY, right? Along with 150 or so other patents, he also scientifically charted much of the biological relevance of STRUCTURED WATER, and with his IMMENSE MIND and INSIGHT, he realized/discovered THE Way to Best INTERACT with the Structure of Water. He Called it the Vogel Cut Crystal, and is not just one of his Inventions, it was indeed HIS GREATEST DISCOVERY.


Marcel was trying to invent the best means of Transmitting and Transferring biological energies and the energies of the mind. He did, it is known as the Vogel Cut Crystal. At the same time, Marcel realized that his tool worked because his ‘Vogel Cut Crystal’ has the potential to be in energetic Resonance with Water. Essentially, the Vogel Crystal can speak to water. Scientifically speaking, it has a vibrational and electromagnetic  correspondence with water. A means of creating a field for perfect energy transfer, a perfect field for the perfect structural interactions with the water of our planet, and the water that we are made of. Marcel knew the power of Sympathetic Vibration was and still is Resonance. An immense, maybe the most immense force of our Electromagnetic Universe. Resonance is definitely the most Evolutionary Power in our known universe, and on Earth it is the force that we use to broadcast radio, radar, sonar signals and more. All of those technologies use or once used quartz crystals for their perfected broadcasts, and it is the same force that the Vogel Crystal has which gives us mankind the capacity to transmit immense Energy and Information in perfected broadcast to Water, and to any person made of water. Marcel did not accomplish what he knew the Vogel Crystal would one day accomplish, stating that it was up to another generation to realize and accomplish the completion of his Vogel Crystal. We ARE that generation. Marcel knew that the Vogel would give to the body and mind, its energetic fields, as well as it’s cellular fluids, the energy and information that it needs to exist and persist at its highest levels.

ARC GEM FILLINGS ARE THE CODES, and the Vogel Crystal is THE TOOL of Water Resonance that passes THE CODES to the Body.

“Since the Molecular structure of Water is the Essence of all life, the man who can control that structure in cellular systems will Change the World.”  ~Dr. Albert Szent-Gyorgyi, Nobel Prize in Medicine

Many are beginning to understand what Nobel Prize winner Albert Gyorgyi and Dr. Marcel Vogel knew. A devicee of True WATER RESONANT CONTROL, as Invented by the late Dr. Marcel Vogel of IBM computers, and completed by Dr. Apollo Stoppelbein, Founder Tree of Life Technologies, CHANGES EVERYTHING. Giving mankind, and the Water Resonance of the Vogel Cut Crystal, combined with the mechanisms of control, GEMS. ARC Vogel Patent Pending Technologies, available exclusively through Tree of Life Tech, are THE FIRST AND ONLY Resonant Control systems for cellular waters.

The Cell, it’s DNA, RNA, Protein molecules, salts, and all chemical reactions are water-based systems, structures that are effectively given highly specific “Codes”, patterns of energy, the information needed for achieving continually higher states of being and well-being. GEMS, homeopathic, magnetic and are all carried in light as signatures and codes, speaking to the structure of your bio waters, and through the waters, your DNA.

ARC Vogel Crystals are already changing the World. Through the Natural Water-Resonance of the Vogel Crystal, ARC Vogels induce ALL of the primary and supporting crystallographic patterns of nature that are normally found in healthy and/or youthful cellular fluids. ARC Gem Lights CHARGE the body’s energetic, liquid crystal, and solid state crystals with specific therapeutic and enhancement frequency patterns, ‘codes‘ that are resonantly, vibrationally, magnetically, and DIGITALLY induced into the cellular fluids. NATURALLY giving the body the information, energy, and codes necessary to promote healing, vitality, awareness, and consciousness enhancement. Rapidly, Safely, Naturally, Painlessly, and effortlessly clearing you, relaxing you, and revitalizing you. IMPROVING and Enhancing you EVERY TIME you ‘Ride the Lights’. Healing and/or Enhancing you on ALL Levels, the Energetic Chakras, liquid crystal Meridians and Nadis, the Aura, structuring the glandular fluids, magnetically charging and encoding the blood, synching the hemispheres of the brain, affecting and reaching you, your cleints, friends, or your family at your deepest levels of the Physical, mental, and spiritual self. Uplifting you, through Water Resonant ARC VOGEL GEM TECH.


The only scientific and natural way to holistically ‘control’ the structure of water in cellular systems.

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