Spectro-Chrome, Light frequency-color Therapy

Spectro Chrome Therapy was developed by one of the greatest minds and inventors that the world has ever seen. Col. Dinshah Ghadiali (1873-1966), along with many discoveries and inventions, found that light in certain frequencies (specific colors, mostly nature and rainbow colors) had dramatic effects on every system of the body.  He found that it vastly increased healing activities, which NASA and the Navy Seals have recently confirmed by publishing phenomenal results of their testing. Dinshah, as well as many others, also find that light has dramatic effects on the mind, spirit, and energy systems of the

Dinshah used Geometry, Music, and Mathematics to decode the fundamental therapeutic light/color frequencies.


His and others results report mood elevation, improvement in depression and psychological disorders, improvement in skin disorders, vision, bone health, healing times, every organ, as well as  of endocrine system function. Also, perhaps especially so, improvements have been noted in the meridians as related to acupuncture, and the system of nadis in the body. The energetics of the body.

Research into light and laser light therapy devices are amazing. Light penetrates deep into the skin and blood, penetrating every cell, and energizes it in away nothing else can. ARC A.R.C. Beds and Racks use Spectro-Chrome light frequency technology, employing  pristine l.e.d. light at the optimum frequency of each of the 7 great healing colors relating to the corresponding 7 major Chakras  or energy centers of the body. These are the colors of the rainbow, but Spectro-Chrome light ascribes the most specific frequency/shade of these colors.

The overwhelming majority of color light therapies that are on the market do not operate in proper frequency, and therefore will not have an exacting effect, rather it is even possible to have negative effect.

Original Spectro Chrome

It should be noted that no l.e.d bulbs used in light therapies, even other crystal light beds, are anywhere near perfect light frequency.

A.R.C. Gem Lights achieve this perfect light frequency as described by, and through filters prescribed in Spectro-Chrome Therapy.