ARC Gemstone Technologies

Gemstone technology is as old as mankind, and is truly as old as the Earth herself. Stones were gathered by sensitive ancient civilizations who felt their energetic differences and special qualities. Many of these qualities are now known to modern man scientifically, such as piezoelectricity, light effects, water effects, molecule geometry, conductivity, and infrared capabilities. They have been used throughout the ages as tools of energetic and vibrational health, for protection, and enlightenment.
Every mineral carries its own vibration that is naturally and specifically attuned to the energetic or physical body systems. Edgar Cayce and other natural mystics have described many of the attributes of each mineral. These attributes are felt by sensitive people, but we understand that the systems of most individuals, blocks many of the subtle energies that these minerals produce, in much the same way that it blocks a great deal of the EMF pollution we come in contact with.
Using a crystal in conjunction with these gems amplifies their vibration and transmits it to the body’s structure through the resonant-energetic transmission and communication capabilities that the quartz crystal has with the body’s systems. This is the basis for the A.R.Crystal and one of the fundamental powers of the A.R.C. GEM LIGHTS. We have been shown that the A.R.CRYSTALS facilitates and accentuates what gemstones truly are.

Vibrational Therapy.