Sound Therapy

Sound has the ability to structure water, and thus cell and blood water, into a higher crystalline structure. Sound is tuned electromagnetic waves that interact with energy, water, matter, and our eardrum.. Sound is a very important part health. This is becoming known at a rapid pace.

Sound has a magnificent ability to truly structure and energize water, and activates the liquid crystals/cholesterol esters in the cell, in much the same way crystals do. Sound has been shown to be as important to one’s physical and mental state, as the food they eat. Science is now realizing sound’s critical role in cellular vibrational health as every cell is sensitive, responsive, and it’s water structured by it’s sound enviornment.

The A.R.C. light therapy bed incorporates sound therapy with a specially designed set of 5 speakers, mounted inside of the bed, which provides a frequency and vibration for exponentially heightened meditative and healing states.

The high energy electromagnetic wave field known as sound can be an energetic environment where higher states of awareness and self healing is vibrated, and therefore energized into existence in your energy field, cells, and water.

Vibrational Therapy

Vibrational Therapy – Resonance Technology

Vibrational therapy technologies are dated back at least as far as ancient Egypt. Using the vibrations of natural gems, shapes, minerals, and metals, many cultures have experienced the benefits physically, psychologically, and spiritually, of using objects and certain vibrational essences for personal/energetic growth, protection, and therapies.
These materials were and are used in conjunction in order to assist in attaining higher vibrational states of mental, physical, and spiritual health and clarity.
Frequencies of light, sound, magnetics, geometry, metals, and minerals, whose vibrations are all combined into one inside of a quartz Vogel, is the highest form of natural resonance therapy that we know of in the world today. We are pleased to present it. This technology is created with vibrational therapy and resonance as the founding principles. The A.R.C.