The Power of Perfect Resonance


Resonance is essentially a phenomenon of Nature. Science cannot wrap consistent mathematics around it. The root fact is that when 2 or more waves/entities/objects synchronize their vibrations or frequencies in what is known as sympathetic frequencies, or sympathetic (alike) vibrations, Resonance ‘may‘, and usually does occur.

This graphic shows the classic tuning fork experiment, where 1 tuning fork is struck, and another of the same key, vibrates as well. Tuning forks of a different ‘key’ would not vibrate, only the one(s) that are the same note as the one that was struck, will vibrate. While many think this is, IT IS NOT Resonance. That is Sympathetic Vibration based on Structural Similarity or Structural Resonance.                                       When the 2nd fork begins to vibrate with the first, and they both are vibrating in ‘sympathy’-synchronization, then the overall sound may be amplified and grow louder, and both tuning forks may then both take on an entirely higher octave, tone, and intensity of vibration. THIS new intensity, IS the force of Resonance. When 2 or more items vibrate in perfect ‘sympathy’, THEN the “Resonant Waves” can begin.

Of the Most Powerful and Transformational Forces in All of Nature and reality, the true meaning and application of sympathetic vibrations allows to affect ‘phenomenal’ transformations in the mind and body, through the power of Resonance.

We have to first understand the properties and potentials for Resonance amongst all objects and ALL energies.

Nicola Tesla

understood the power of Perfect Resonance, and he used his knowledge to nearly take down a high-rise building with only a few watts of electricity. Perfectly timed subtle rhythmic percussion was banged into the metal structure, and when the building’s metal began to vibrate in one sympathy to his little device, the building shook and Tesla was forced to turn the device off before the resonant waves fully manifested that would’ve destroyed the building in 1 swoop…

When soldiers march in step on bridges, they can get the whole bridge vibrating in sympathy with their marching rhythmic harmony. Resonant forces can sweep through these vibrating bridges and, with the power of an Earth Quake, take out the bridge in seconds, by the small weight/energy of 50-100 soldiers marching on a bridges that normally hold 50-100 trucks!

ARCrystals are the same in that they provide the body the perfect rhythm in which the body attunes itself to. A relatively small energy, albeit in perfect timing, and in this perfect sympathetic timing with the body’s electric and water systems, very powerful forces are exchanged.

ARCs continually pulse a subtle beat, the body naturally tries to sympathize and RESONATE with this rhythm of perfection, the body naturally tries to sympathize with all energy that is around it and that is the danger of harmful EMF. We continually fall into sympathy with our computer’s energy. As the body rises int sympathy with the A.R.Crystal’s subtle electromagnetic and vibrational frequency rate and emissions, streams of Resonant Waves powerfully re-attune the body. The Phenomenon of Resonance: waves of energy that literally manifest and have intelligent actions, when 2 or more are in waves or objects are in sympathy. A Force that is greater than the waves that were/are in the original sympathy.

When sympathies amongst waves or objects occur, mass information is exchanged through transfers that are not blocked by interfering/static, dis-harmonic, or non-sympathetic waves. Sympathetic Vibration = harmony = Masses of Information exchange. When you vibe with someone, there is so much exchanged in an hour that it is like magic. When you do not ‘vibe’ with someone else, little to know coherent info is exchanged. If exchange does occur in that disharmony, it is a product of much effort/strain/static/discord/stress etc. When you vibe together, ‘things flow’ powerfully and naturally and you sympathize quickly and regularly. As you do this, incalculable Resonant Forces are induced/manifested between you 2 (or more), and immense energy is exchanged. Some call it magic. Science knows that the only true means of coherent communication through any environment is on the principles and the phenomenon of Resonant energy/info exchanges. Much of our scientific technology depends on the ‘resonant phenomenon’, and it is relatively well charted as an ‘effect of sympathetic frequencies’. So scientist know, when you want something or some energy to resonate, or when you want energy/information to be exchanged powerfully, you broadcast a frequency that is tuned to the receiver’s frequency,  a.k.a, you vibe-with, or send/transmit an energy that vibes with the receiver’s vibration. You first vibe with it, then there is the potential and propensity for Powerful Resonance. I think that most Energy Healers and Counselors would inherently know exactly what I am saying.

You must first Truly Sympathize, then you just let the Flows of the Universe take over. Forces that just Happen, they just Manifest and kind-of take over. Many feel it, many know it, we all live it continually, dynamically, this is the Science of the RESONANCE EFFECT.

Resonance Therapies RT

Resonance is the essential science behind Rife and all frequency therapy (FT) machines, as well as medical uses of Resonance such as kidney stone sonic (sound wave resonance) disintegration, MRI machines, as well as DNA and cellular (frequency driven) re-generations. Magnetic Resonance Imaging is just that, images that are created from the Information that has been by Magnetic Resonant Communication with the body. Magnetic waves that are timed/attuned to the body, are pulsed into and through the body, and are attracted as ‘feedback’ to the machine. Resonant waves are exchanged between the machine, and your body, and the computer creates an image from the masses of magnetic information that is exchanged in the sympathetic and Resonant wave information transfer. The MRI machine maybe the most powerful and greatest medical diagnostic tool, and it is of course based on Magnetic wave Resonance.

The ARC Vogel is Magnetic Resonant Information Exchange system used, not for diagnostic, but for Healing and Enhancement purposes. Magnetic, ‘Water Resonant’ energy is passed from the ARC Vogel at the perfect/sympathetic rate, perfectly attuned to the water/bio-energetic receiver. Energetic Feedback loops and patterns of energy are formed between the tissues and an ARC therapies, these energetic patterns are harmonized into the patterns of the physical body, through Magnetic Water Resonance.

In Rife, ARC, and certain other frequency therapy devices, one of the concepts is to sympathize to heal. The Electro-Magnetic Energy-frequencies of  healthy organs of a body, are ‘played back’ to an Organ, causing Resonance within the Organ, moving it past many diseases and essentially ‘youth-ing’ tissues in ways that boggles the minds of doctors and scientists. Again with the spontaneous regeneration. Sympathetic (Resonant) frequencies can regenerate, explode, implode, transmute, transduce, diagnose, heal or enhance matters within the body without affecting other structures/tissues.

There are many forms of Resonance. All Energies can have Resonant interactions, as well as structures that can have structural resonance or atomic resonance. The Vibrational emissions of ‘solid’ objects can be powerful sources of sympathetic waves. ARC Therapy may employ All Forms of Resonance, in that they employ every form of Energetic and Solid-state/structural Resonances. piezoElectric Resonance, light/Digital Resonance, sound and vibrational Resonances, as well as Magnetic Resonance that are all, through the Vogel Crystal, are in ‘Sympathetic’ attune-ment with the energetic frequencies and ‘physical’ structures of Water. Giving the ARCs the unique power to ‘control’ and improve the Patterns of the body’s cellular waters and Bio-Energetic systems. Through the ARCs continual ‘Sympathetic’ energy broadcasts, feedback loops established, and resonant exchange phenomenon incurred within the body and cell systems.

Resonance with Water

The True Power and Potential of the Vogel Cut quartz, and when they are filled with Tree Tech Fillings, the Vogel and All ARC Quartz Crystals become a Resonant broadcast tool for the information and energetics of their GEM, Mineral, Metallic, and Homeopathic fillings.

The QUARTZ Vogel Crystal scientifically, as a matter o Physics, amplifies and harmonizes the numerous fillings into 1 grand, resonant vibration. The Vogel A.R.Crystal™ Quartz vibrates and emits the energetic pattern/frequency of their fillings, in subtle Piezo-electricity, Photon Light, Neg Ion, bio-energetic, magnetic and vibrational Water Resonance.

ARC Vogels do this in a perfection with water that cannot be duplicated by any other crystal, attune-ment, system, or machine. To a lesser degree, all ARC Filled Quartz amplify, cohere/improve, and broadcast, but it is the ARC Vogel-cut that has the ability to perfectly sympathize with water, and resonate it to the highest harmonic potentials known of in a therapeutic or water structure treatment device. Through the combining and cohering of the many frequencies/vibrational patterns of their fillings, frequencies and code patterns that are the key, the note to unlock water, an energy that is perfectly patterned and attuned to have the greatest affects on a body of Living Water.

MASS Information Exchange

When the Resonant waves occur, so much energy is exchanged that matter and liquids can take on whole new properties. Buildings, bridges, and toxins disintegrate, seedlings burst through concrete, Stars and babies are conceived, and literally Everything in the cosmos is evolving because of wave patterns that sometimes harmonize and powerful forces manifest. Then things to happen with so much power that it makes no logical, mathematical, or physics sense to most scientists.

The Phenomenon of Resonance.

Some might say, 1 of the clear signs of the hands of God.

When speaking of the Vogel, EVERYONE SAYS RESONANCE, but the reality is that Vogel ‘can be’ in a subtle Vibration, ‘sympathetic’ with PURE Water. We are still talking the potentials for Resonance, the reality of masses of information exchange in the radiative/vibrational field and energetic emission of the Vogel, as this energetic field links with the structure and geometries within your water. Classic Vogels have little power to affect Water. The Vogel, combined with a skillful user’s bio-energetic frequency emission into the Vogel, can affect the structure and energetics of water. The Proper energetics can be added to the Vogel consistently and permanently with holistic materials, and their energetics. Materials placed into the (ARC) Vogel, for their structural patterns, vibrational, and energetic emissions into water or the body. Water and the body can be affected powerfully and profoundly, simply by subtle energies that has been amplified, cohered, and transmitted/broadcast in sympathetic/Resonant tuning to water. Energetically shaping the water, causing the Water to undergo energetic and physical structural changes. If the conditions are right, and there is enough energy flow, resonant waves may (manifest) be established through the Vogel. Resonant waves are what Truly change water, when speaking of ARCs or Marcel’s ‘Love charged’ Vogels. The Energetic of Love is a pattern/frequency of energy, and if you have enough of it stored, or flowing through the Vogel, it will structure water to the degrees, only known in ‘Holy Waters’. It is ACTUALLY a RESONANT POTENTIAL when speaking of ANY TRUE Vogel, but one that is not experienced by because of lack of training, consciousness, attune-ment, intent, focus, understanding and more. So much of what Marcel experienced with the Vogel Crystal has not been charted since;  until Tree Of Life Tech’s developments, making the ARC Vogel Crystal far more capable of having Water’s RESONANT EFFECTS regardless of consciousness, intention, or training.

Remember, as Marcel himself stated, “the Vogel does little to nothing on it’s own, it is the charge and (pattern) energy of Love exchanged and induced, that heals and structures water through the resonant energy transfer potential Vogel Crystal”. Love is an energy that is now charted in 2 Dimensions, as emissions from the heart that are in patterns that are measured in sacred geometric ratios. This form/pattern can be induced into the 3D matrix of water, and is seen best in pictures by Masaru Emoto.

 In the ARC Vogel, the energetics and patterns of perfected Love are created by the combined perfected Gems embedded inside of the ARC Vogel. These Gems, their perfect architecture, their pristine natural energetics, and Earth harmonic vibrations charge and energize the Vogel’s sympathetic broadcasts to water. Supplying the Vogel the Energy needed for Resonant Exchange, and for Resonant Phenomenon to occur in water, and giving the the body of water the patterns/codes for higher health. If the frequencies of your love are perfected, or ARC Gems are imbedded and broadcast from your ARC Vogel, Amazing things will occur in the water of a cup or a body, though synchronized/sympathetic Vibrations/frequencies that spawn resonant waves. Resonant waves allow/induce masses of Energy exchange between the sympathetic waves or object(s).

ARC VOGEL Crystals create waves of energy containing the information, the holographic BLUEPRINTS, the Energetic CODES of GEMS and other materials embedded in the Piezoelectric Quartz ARC Vogel.

Energy IS Always Information.

Information Is Pattern.

Patterns in their highest forms are known as GEMS.