Tree of Life Technology’s Techniques

“Tree Techniques

Tree of Life Technologies’ PATENT PENDING GEMFILLED Crystal

                                           The Only Gem and Mineral Filled Crystals ON EARTH, besides the ones that Earth made…

…and the ones that violate Tree of Life Tech’s PATENTS Pending, so do let us know if you see any other GEM-FILLED crystals that were not made by EARTH.

GEM, Mineral, homeopathic, herbal, medicinal, nutrient, Tachyon, Meteorite, and all other elements found in atomic or monatomic form on Earth, filled into Quartz or similar Crystals, as well as the electromagnetic interactions achieved from such fillings, are OFFICIAL PATENT PENDING Technologies of Tree of Life Technologies Inc.

Patent Pending “TREE Techniques

We describe these techniques for your understanding of the main principles of this technology. We stand behind the validity of our Patents, otherwise we would do as most companies in this industry, and say that our tools have powers or affects gained from our ‘Trade Secrets’. “Trade Secrets” usually mean, “Not Original” or “Cannot Be Patented”. The Power of Tree of Life Technologies is the Power of reality. The energetic/spiritual Science and nature of the universe, life-force, consciousness, the body, water, and of our Earth. Our tools, ARCrystals and ARC Magnetic Gem Light Therapies are Guaranteed Unique, Enhancing, Effective, and Amazing.


1. The CRYSTAL of choice is Quartz, and the shape of choice is the VOGEL-cut of quartz. Quartz is chosen because of both it’s piezoelectric potentials, and it’s vibrational aspects. Quartz is both electric and it is constant vibration, and this is the basis for many modern technologies, including the Vogel Crystal. All Quartz will electrically vibrate and radiate the energy/information of the GEMS that we install, but the Vogel is able to combine the vibrations of the various GEMS into a higher order of coherence, as well as it can more effectively broadcast the energy that is both drawn and put into it, as in the case of the GEM energies.

2. The Drilling of each ARCrystal is INTESE and INTENSIVE work. Each ARC Crystal has been drilled, usually in a place that is going to both accumulate, as well as transfer the energy of the installed elements, most effectively and efficiently. With each hole, comes the great risk of chipping, breaking, or completely shattering the quartz crystal which is cut into it’s final shape before the drilling occurs. I feel that this is the very reason that Marcel, Drew, Pinto, Rumi, nor any of the Vogel cutters, never drilled into the Crystal.

Because it is a very expensive Vogel Crystal that we are drilling, but I knew that this was the only way to get the “CODE” of the GEMS and the HOMEOPATHIC materials, that Marcel said that the Vogel Crystal would pass into the body, into the Vogel Crystal. Dan Willis of the DISCLOSURE PROJECT and, as well as a friend of Marcel Vogel’s, told us that Marcel would have drilled and filled the crystal with not only the GEMS that we have, but also blood, as Marcel theorized that the blood of apatient on or inside of the Vogel Crystal, would increase the Resonant potential between the Crystal and the individual. Of course Marcel was right about that, as well as the fact that it is the GEMS and Homeopathic materials that hold the perfect code-energy that the body/blood/water of the body needs.

3. The Filling of and Compressing of Quartz; with Gem, Mineral, Meteor, Tachyon, and other homeopathic and/or holistically medicinally therapeutic and nutritive substances… Materials chosen for their specific qualities of subtle electric, piezo-electric, photon, phonon, vibrational, structural, and magnetic resonant energy/information, interactions, emissions, and subsequent ARC Quartz Resonant broadcast to Water and the body’s liquid crystal systems, as well as bio-electric systems.


4. The Capping of these Materials Described, into the Quartz with conductive metals. Most often, 24K Gold Caps ARC Crystals, but Silver, Platinum, Palladium, even copper and Brass have and can be used. These Metallic caps not only Cap an ARC’s mineral fills, but they also add amazing EM and Subtle Energy conduction to the minerals and to the inside of the crystal. All Energies filled into, or conducted into an ARC, are transformed. Scientifically this is known as quartz’s transduction, amplification, coherence, and transmutation of energy. The Gems and the Vogel Cut Quartz change energy, they improve energy to the highest standard possible. To the Standards set by Gems. Bringing Energy and Water to higher levels of perfection, quickly and continually.

Gold Forms Naturally On/In Quartz
It is the Rarest Gold, and the
Most Conductive Quartz. Besides ARCs
“If you repeat what Nature does, just right,
Magic Happens”


5. Gold Quartz is very special, one might say Sacred, and absolutely Rare. ARC Technologies may be the only device in the world

incorporating Pure Gold and Quartz in a Therapy Device. The Caps on ARCs, the ARC Gold Dots, add conduction that we did not expect, with an effect thatis hard to imagine. Quartz and Gold are used in many technologies, especially in communication and broadcast tech, for their unique natural electric  synergy. Gold conducting the Electrical and vibrational energy broadcast of quartz. As well as to focus, cohere, transduce/change, amplify and/or broadcast energy.

In ARCs, communication, and computer tech, the principles are the same.  This Gold Cap alone is a breakthrough in Crystal Healing Tech, making the healing quartz function more like a computer chip. With gold conducting and channeling energetic movements through an enhancement pattern of quartz structure, just as Gold does for a silica/quartz computer chip. Scientist like Marcel Vogel did not Invent/create computer technology, they copied Nature! 

ARC Technologies only mimic and refine Nature.

6.  The Frequency Embedding of an ARC is described briefly here in 2 parts.

A. All Minerals and Gems carry a frequency, a vibration.This subtle (atomic) vibe of a material, is captured and amplified by itself being embedded within an ARC. This Frequency/vibe is a signature, an energetic code, A BLUEPRINT that provides a unique therapeutic or enhancement quality to the body. Through its amplification and broadcast, the body absorbs and uses these frequencies through interactions with bio-energies and bio-water structure.

B. Certain Minerals can store frequency in magnetic codes and can be embedded into ARCs. The Basis of the Hard-Drive, certain minerals store magnetism that is patterned and can be retrieved and used as information. Sort of like the magnetic strip on a credit card,  ARCs can store Magnetic and radio-frequency codes. The body reads the ARC like a credit machine reads the card’s strip. The body is continually absorbing processing the electro-magnetic patterns and information from the environment, in the iron and magnetite in our every cell. Storing and using beneficial energy codes/frequencies, while working to de-toxify the body of the harmful EMF (energy) radiation absorbed continually. The ARC magnetic code is received, absorbed and positively used by the Aura, bio-energetic nadis, meridians, the water, and the Blood of the body, and used for health, vitality, clarity of mind, and higher consciousness. These stored frequencies are continually amplified and broadcast from within the quartz, to you, continually.


7. The 51 degree magnetic Torsion Field, the Inverse compression, and the N pole Resonant Magnetic Emission from ARC Vogel

Gem Lights is accomplished Naturally and Effectively, and will be discussed further in other posts. This is a Patent Pending ‘Magnetic Drive System’ offered (usually) only in ARC Water or Gem Light Therapy.

ALL energy that is moved/conducted/shone through an ARC and is made subject to the Quartz structure, as well to the dynamics of the Gems, minerals, and all of the various material fillings discussed above.  The INFINITE combination of materials, gives infinite frequency patterns in phase and harmony with water, and thereby having great and various effects to water and life systems.

8. COHERENCE, The Quartz has to put/make all of the many frequencies into 1 coherent vibration. When a ‘stone’ has a different vibration/frequency, it is considered a different material or cut. Well, the cut stays the same, but with every mineral/material added, the frequency of an ARC changes. Essentially, every ARC Crystal is an entirely new frequency and therefore an entirely new ‘stone’. A unique therapeutic/enhancing frequency made and attuned to and for you, your bio-energetics, your bio-waters, the bridge to all levels.

ARC Quartz emits a harmony of the finest elements of Earth, and what is available from the cosmos.

Gems are in sympathetic/resonant frequencies with the planets and stars. In this way, ARCs are Truly the Music of the Spheres. Embodied in a small tool that amplifies the many subtle energies and vibrations, and emits 1 harmonic  that is the unique symphony of the combined energy of the many parts. The Vogel Quartz puts the symphony in a key that is sympathetic to water, therefore bio-available. A true synergy of nature.All of these Aspects are Patent Pending Processes an Actions of ARCs. No other Tool Encompasses or Embodies these scientific principles in a therapeutic tool, device, or system.
We Are ONLY the First PEOPLE To Embed Minerals/Gems into Quartz. Nature does it ALOT! And they are usually the most powerful natural crystals in the World.