Everything that we will ever see, experience, or have a scientific test for, is an energy in the Electromagnetic spectrum. This is how it is said, “it is all energy,”  a Universe of electromagnetism. Electricity combined with magnetism, or in opposite ratio, greater magnetism combined with less electricity. This is Magneto-electricity. Seldom talked about, but can be very beneficial to life.

Every atom, every sound, every bit of light; visible or invisible, heard or unheard, is a frequency.  All cell functions are fueled by, structured by, kept in their function, and thereby exist due to magneto-electricity.  Even the red blood cells ability to carry O2, as well as bone, and memory, and as stated all things, depend on magneto-electricity.

All life is bio-electric, having magneto-electric centers, a.k.a Chakras, for the induction and expulsion of bio magneto-electricity. These conduction points are centers of the meridian and nadis systems. This is the energetic ground work that the body, and all life, is built on, and it is now known and being heavily researched by many branches of the scientific and medical communities.

The Nadis system, containing relatively large quantities of Liquid crystals, are highly responsive to crystal treatments and magnetism. This is due to the resonant interaction and energizing force. Marcel Vogel, a man ahead of his time, felt that the Nadis’s liquid crystals were the link through the surface of the body to the electromagnetic spectrum (or the information band, as he called it).

We are electromagnetic energy and every facet of any environment is subsequent to the laws (physics) that have been set for this realm in electromagnetism. The ebbs and the flows of electromagnetically based polarities.

With all the cameras, microscopes, and telescopes in the world, we still can observe far less than 1% of the electromagnetic spectrum.  Marcel Vogel proved his cut of crystals to work in parts of the electro-magnetic spectrum still unknown to most of science. Crystals work in frequencies of light, sound, bio-electricity, and intention. These are all forms of electromagnetism that the crystal has overt effects and synergy with. This is a reality that the medical community is not focused upon.


The A.R.C. VOGEL is a Quartz and Gem Crystal based pulsed magneto-electric therapy device in-tune/resonance with the Earth and WATER.

Magnets play a large role in physical health and the health of the Aura. Magnetism is crucial to the functions of everyday life, such as our memory, moods, sleep, vigor, vitality, the oxygen content in our iron rich magnetic blood, and everything else on the planet. The FDA has approved magnetic therapy treatments for many ailments, including bone regeneration, blood pressure relief, addictions, psychosis, depression and more.

Magnetism runs deep into our tissues, dilating the blood vessels and improving the red blood cells to reinvigorate their oxygen carrying capabilities. Magnetism has been shown to relieve pain and speed healing, as well as stimulate brain function because the fact is that Cells are far more benefited by magnetism that is being pulsed or vibrated, than static/regular magnetism. Pulsed magnetism is known to stimulate the endocrine system as well as elevate and improve glandular function. It also plays a large role in heart, muscle, and nerve health. Therapeutic treatments using magnets are known as a safe and very effective staple in both conventional and holistic health care. The FDA has now approved and validated beyond reasonable doubt magnets important role in health and healing, but magnetism has been used throughout the ages for wellness.




Pulsed Magnetism and Magneto electricity is accomplished in the A.R.C.mb by the electric pulsations and emissions of an A.R.Crystal combined synergistically with magnets. This accomplishes a natural, Earth resonance tuned, pulsed Magneto-electric therapy. Tuned, modulated, and timed to the frequencies of the Earth. Just as you should be.

Magnets used with ARCrystals, as in the ARC GEM LIGHT Therapy systems, work in synergy with the magnetic materials inside of the Quartz in a PATENTED therapeutic magnetic force interaction. This, and piezoelectric pulse of the filled quartz Vogel Crystal, provides a pulsed, subtly electric, GEM structured electromagnetic field that is noticeably relaxing, fulfilling, revitalizing, and highly therapeutic.