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Subtle magneto-electric Quartz Radio Vibes





A TRUE Breakthrough in Health and Water Sciences

The Vogel Cut Crystal is the founding principle of The TREE OF LIFE Technology.

The Vogel crystal is hand-carved from pure natural Quartz, into a specific shape designated by the late great Dr. Marcel Vogel of I.B.M. computers. This shape has been known for millennia as the “Tree Of Life”.

Seemingly a simple 2-dimensional shape, Marcel Vogel carved a piece of into a 3D version of the Three Of Life because of a vision that he had after prayer, in meditation. After he painstakingly created and tested that Quartz shape with tools at I.B.M.’s crystallography labs, Marcel realized that he had created a phenomenon;

A tool with the potential to communicate with bodies of water.

He called it: The VOGEL-cut Crystal.

The Vogel Quartz has been scientifically shown to Amplify and Cohere (improve/focus) bio-energy (as ruby can turn light to a laser beam), and Transmit (like a radio tower to a radio) the electromagnetism of bio-energetics and the subtle energetic/vibrational essence of Gems, homeopathic waters, and light, all in a timing/phase/vibration/frequency band known as WATER RESONANCE.

Potentially improving all energetic/vibrational healing therapies such as light, sound, color, acupuncture, gemstone, Reiki, intentional, Quantum touch, homeopathic, magnetic, etc., as well as improving learning, comprehension, meditation, and what are deemed the psychic aspects of the mind, as all of these are based on the energy of the body and mind.

ARC Vogels

ARC VOGEL Crystals, are VOGEL-cut CRYSTALS that have been drilled, and the resulting hole(s) are filled with various species of therapeutic GEMS, the purest Precious metals such as .999 Platinum, .999 Silver, and 24k Gold, therapeutic minerals, and varying homeopathic materials. These materials are semi-permanently and conductively sealed inside of the ARC Vogel, as a part of a PATENTED Processes, using 24K Gold or Pure SILVER.

The ARC Vogel is a Quartz Vogel, driven energetically by conductive, structuring, and highly energetic materials. The gem, mineral, and homeopathic ingredients within the ARC Vogel are naturally Amplified by the quartz, and harmonized into 1 vibration which is in-tune and in vibrational resonance with the body through water-resonance.

By putting these materials into a quartz Crystal, the ARC Crystal then becomes a transmitter, improving and broadcasting the energy and the structural-information of the materials embedded within it.


“The ARC Vogel is a uniquely powerful tool. ARCs have ‘Sympathetic (same) Vibration’ with water, having resonant interaction which is energy and Information Exchange with a body of Water!” “Nothing else has such a Resonance, or natural exchange of information and energy with water. Putting the energetics and structures of gems, directly into the body through resonant harmonics with Water.” “This is Genius, incredible!”   Rand Masters, Grammy award, composer, scientist, musician.

Vogel Crystal water science clearly shows that the ARC Vogel Crystal can transfer geometric patterns, frequency, and energetic form, into water through piezoelectric vibrational resonance. This is an electromagnetic interaction that is sometimes considered quantum, because of the near inability to measure how it is done.

  • This is scientifically due to the Piezoelectric Water-Resonant Potential that only an accurately cut Vogel Crystal has with the water in your body.This fact, along with quartz’s natural ability to amplify and cohere very small or subtle energies, is why we added the other crystallographic structures of nature into the Vogel. This allows for the completion of a complex energy pattern or ‘frequency geometry’ to be effectively passed by quantum water-resonant interaction to a body of water.

Re-Structuring your DNA within this A.R.C. Structured bio-Water.


ARC Ingredients Precious and non precious metals, minerals, and gems are selected for their effect on light, vibrational frequencies, electro-magnetism, piezoelectric, infrared, as well as other classical and  (quantum) energy emissions and conduction properties. These, as well as Homeopathic remedies, herbs, and more are placed into the Vogel in a PATENTED process to have their structure and frequency amplified, harmonized, focused, and then transmitted to the body through water resonance by the A.R.Crystal.


Many gems are used, 15 to 40 different gem species on average. The various gems correspond with the Chakra-glands and all energetic-tissue systems of the body.Each, especially when embedded into quartz, having the potential of greatly effecting the brain and all other organ or tissue systems of the body. This is accomplished through communication with the water of the liquid-crystal cell. Each A.R.Crystal is set with gems and minerals that behave synergistically with water and electro-magnetism. YOU.


 24k conduction ‘Dots

The  gems and minerals  are capped in the A.R. Crystal with 24k Gold, greatly increasing the conductivity of the quartz and the gems. 24k Gold is the finest conductor of  electric and subtle energies. Ancients and modern man have used this 24k combined with quartz for great feats of technology. The computer would not exist if not for this synergy of energies.

The placement of the 24k dots capping the ARC GEMS are perfect placement for the user to  feel the crystal pulse, vibrate, and may literally shock you (good/very minor shock) as you work with it. You may feel it’s ‘Buzz’ change as your intentions or thoughts change.  Incredible biofeedback. This is purely the A.R. Crystal’s completely natural energy emission from a synergy of natural piezoelectric Gems, capped with the conduction of 24K Gold. Simply and powerfully charging you and your water.

Note: The more meditative or peaceful your mind state is, the more it will pulse and vibrate for you. This electro-vibration is literally feeding you energy in a bio-feedback-loop, structuring your energy, cells, water, and environment with pristine and naturally perfect energy structures and vibration.


 True Health, Longevity are a result of in Non-Entropic Structures. Meaning that some structures/patterns do not age or decay, and it is possible to move towards higher function and organization.

As Marcel Vogel found, and Masaru Emoto now presents world-wide, water can and should contain all 7 of the perfected Crystallographic structures of nature. This water is often called holy-sacred, healing, or highly structured water. It is all of that and more!

Research shows clearly that all water, including that of the body and tissues, should be in crystallographic patterns, i.e. liquid crystal systems, but due to energetic and chemical contamination, it is usually less than so. This causes the water in our body, which supports and encases our DNA, to exhibit an entropic structure (one tending towards decay). It is the water’s structure that causes much of the degradation of the DNA, leading to accelerating aging and dysfunction.” ~DR. Apollo S. Tree of Life


“In your body chemical reactions are virtually insignificant compared towater and electromagnetic reactions. DNA, it operates simply because it is surrounded by sacred geometric forms of water, virtually the merkabah in water molecules.” ~Dr. Leonard Horowitz

a note about: QUARTZ

  • Note about Quartz Crystal: If you add a bit of energy, Quartz vibrates. Quartz can be carved into different shapes to change it’s vibrational frequency/rate. Quartz is carved into shapes keep time, it’s vibration running the gears of the classic ‘quartz wrist watch’.
  • Quartz has the ability to receive and transmit energy/information. This is the basis of classic ‘quartz radio’.
  • Quartz is carved and polished into various shapes for to achieve every optical advantage. From eye glasses, to telescopes, to microscopes, shaping Quartz in order to expose and use it’s countless ‘lensing’ capacities are invaluable and a result of the way it’s internal crystalline structure improves energy. Light, electricity, and magnetism passing through Quartz’s structure is often dramatically effected and improved.

These are the fundamental reasons that Marcel Vogel decided to experiment with quartz, when seeking a tool to communicate with or improve the energy and structure of water.


Put Down your ‘ol dirty classic Vogel Crystals, put the other decorations back on the shelf, and realize what Marcel himself was seeking.

THE way to use the Vogel Crystal’s WATER RESONANT POTENTIAL, to cause certain and PERFECT changes to Water. Marcel was seeking a “defined frequency” and he knew that GEMS would provide the definition and stabilize the Vogel’s frequency.

I have held more Vogel Crystals than anyone on the PLANET. I literally go through dozens to hundreds per month, and no cutter or salesperson has ever-been able to state such. As such, I am able to state:

Washington Monument

  • All Classic Vogels are DANGEROUSLY DIFFERENT. Meaning: the cutter and the crystal combine to make a ‘Vogel’, so not all Vogels are created equally.
  • ALL Classic Vogels get DANGEROUSLY DIRTY. Meaning: the energy that flows through a Vogel is usually not pure, so some will inevitably store within the quartz’s crystalline matrix and the clear crystal will even look cloudy or DIRTY. Use of these ‘dirty’ crystals for therapeutic purposes, even Vogels crystals, may cause unintended results.
  • Even Marcel said that “a Vogel does little to nothing to heal”, nor is any quartz alone “Resonant with Water”. Marcel knew that it was the ENERGY of LOVE transmitted as bio-energy through the Vogel, that uplifted the Vogel’s frequency to a pace that is in-tune with Water. The flaw of the Classic Vogel is the Vogel’s environment. Given that the Vogel will not always have positive energy around it, the Vogel has no choice but to amplify, cohere, and transmit that energy.
  • The GEMS in an ARC Vogel Crystal, correct all of the problems with the CLASSIC Vogel Crystal.




Marcel passed away in 1992 with a tool that he came to realize, was sadly incomplete and thereby potentially dangerous. It has been marketed by those who worked with him, since his passing. The morally, ethically, and scientifically irresponsible marketing of Vogel Crystals has led to a misunderstood and almost forgotten, seldom used, and even more seldom understood tool.

Although it was dangerously incomplete, the classic VOGEL Crystal was the last and greatest invention of maybe the greatest scientist of this era.

The Vogel Crystal is a tool of Resonance with Water and Bioenergetic Systems, COHERENCE, STORAGE, AMPLIFICATION, and Energy Transfer/communication. So in this, Marcel realized that he created the greatest tool for a highly conscious ‘energy healer’; for their amplification and further coherent energy transfer, but that he also created a tool with the potential of harm, and as he said “quartz alone has the potential to do as much harm as good”, because he knew the science of Quartz, as a tool, would amplify mis or ill-intentions as well as positive ones, and that is just the nature of the Quartz itself as a tool. So he did his best, and taught his cutters to be very conscious, and he handled distribution exclusively through PRI, but he knew that he created a tool with vast potentials, both positive and negative, and in the spirit of science, healing, and advancement, that he had to promote it to the world.

A note about CLONING:


“PHI” and “DREAM” DECORATIONS/TRAVESTIES We found the work of Marcel Vogel in late 2009-early 2010, and before we realized Marcel’s TRUE vision of the future Vogel Crystal, we were already selling the first “Vogel Crystal Light Beds”, Apollo being the C.E.O. for Walber Pinto and the MACHINE-CUT , “PHI”and “DREAM-cut” IMITATION vogel Crystals enterprise. We now refer to this as the DARK-SIDE and consider it the ATTACK OF THE CLONES… READ MORE link If you are considering a PINTO or MACHINE FAUX vogel Crystal.

Magnetism charges cells with Energetic



REAL AURA PHOTOGRAPHY Oldfield S.P.I.F. DT-Cut Classic 13 sided Vogel and 3, 6-sided ARCs

We are the first to scientifically and effectively combine crystals with magnetism for healthcare purposes. Doing so by adding conductive metals and minerals to the inside of a quartz, allowing for natural, electro, and bio-magnetism to be induced into the crystal, and transmitted from the crystal.

This energy is patterned by the crystal and gems, then this improved energy pattern/information is passed into the iron in your blood.

Passing the structural geometries of gems into the body, by charging the cell with magnetism that has the gem-information stored on it like a hard-drive. 8-tracks, cassette tapes, VCRs, floppy disk, and present computer hard-drives are based on magnetic storage and transfer of information. The body works with the same magnetic materials and basis. With A.R. Vogel Crystals, gem information is amplified and passed in magneto-piezoelectric (Earth tuned)  resonance, by highly specialized magnetic interactions never before achieved. The Gems are the Information.

 GEMS contain Structural and Energetic Information

GEMS pattern light and energy in ways that only gems can. The Vogel amplifies and transmits this energetic information into your cellular waters through a process called ‘Piezoelectric Resonance’. This is a process of quartz crystal to electrically pulse and vibrate at the pace-energetic or frequency of Earth. This subtle energy of the crystal is amplified by a synergy of gem fillings, to a point that you can actually feel this Earth energy/Resonance. Directly causing Natural “brain wave-cellular Entrainment” leading to higher states of health consciousness. Electromagnetism from an A.R.Crystal is received and stored in the Iron and encoded in every living cell, magnetizing the body and DNA with the complete crystallographic blue-prints for non-entropic water.


Gems In Crystal Compressing these minerals inside of the ARC Vogel Quartz causes a Synergy of gem and crystal interactions. A Vibrational Symphony of energetic interactions, naturally driving each other, and broadcasting the highest harmonic frequencies possible.

Countless GEM Vibrations, forced into 1 HARMONY by being embedded into Quartz.

The Quartz has to harmonize them, or break from all of the vibrational noise inside of it. Indeed, the various frequencies are harmonized into 1 that is above them all.

This is the PATENTED Power of the ARC.

Compressing the gems together inside the ARC Vogel stimulates it’s piezoelectricity, which then stimulates the other gem’s energetic properties such as: piezoelectricity, infrared emission, photon emission, vibration, luminescence, magnetic fields, magneto-electricity, and many more, which are synergistically amplified by being compressed together within Quartz being stimulated by each-other.





The ARC VOGEL QUARTZ CRYSTAL is the PERFECT ANTENNA for communicating with the electrical systems of the body.



  • WATER is Vibrating and changing shapes at 2+ TRILLION time per Second!!!
  • Quartz, and other natural GEMS have the potential emit the most STABLE and COHERENT Natural Vibrations, “Frequency”, and “Energy Patterns” on Earth.


The CLASSIC VOGEL-cut QUATRZ has POTENTIAL for subtle piezoelectric WATER RESONANCE”.


≈ The potential for vast communication and energy exchange that happens when 2 thing are in like/synchronized vibration.
  • Then, Resonance can occur and the waves of energy between the 2, are greatly amplified as a principle LAW of Nature, that Marcel Vogel happened to stumble on to after realizing the structures and the frequencies that are inherent in different water systems around the world


≈ Passing energy & information to WATER, through UNLOCKING RESONANT POTENTIALS
  • Improving the energetic structure and subsequent actions of H2O (water) molecules
  • TREE OF LIFE TECHNOLOGIES Inc introduced the action and science of “water resonance” and bio-water resonance” to the world upon invention of the ARC VOGEL and discovery of it’s actions and potentials


Dr. Marcel Vogel stumbled upon the: “Bio-Water-Resonant-Potential” when he cut/created his first “Vogel-Cut Quartz Crystal.

  • CLASSIC Vogel Crystals use the Biological-energy of a person, to create both a PIEZOELECTRIC VIBRATION and SUBTLE static electric radio and microwave emission.
  • The CUT/SHAPE of the QUARTZ VOGEL gives the quartz the POTENTIAL ABILITY to VIBRATE at the same PACE/FREQUENCY as WATER.



 Dr. Marcel VOGEL


Marcel then realized that “plants can talk” and went on to study the nature and physics of consciousness, because of these experiments that changed his life and inspired several books and scientific developments into his discovery that plants have emotions and are picking up on our consciousness and our intentions. Marcel proved scientifically that people and plants have both energy fields of consciousness, as well are those fields of thought communicating. (See the work of Kleeve Baxter and the movie “If PLANTS CAN TALK”, note the music and performance by the LEGENDARY STEVIE WONDER.)

Marcel then went on to understand the Crystallographic Computing Nature of Water

Marcel did more to understand and scientifically correlate the extreme relevance and potentials of the crystallographic nature, structure, and potentials of Water than maybe any man before or since. Inspiring the work of SEVERAL authors and scientist today such as MASSARU EMOTO, who has won several awards and gained much notoriety for taking the pictures of what Marcel’s work directly informed him would be present in water, and what Marcel’s legacy JOE BLANKENSHIP told and directly taught Massaru about water.

DR. GERALD POLLAK who claims to have discovered a 4th PHASE of WATER that he has named “E.Z. WATER”. Gerald Pollak’s work has been brought up in NOBEL PRIZE Award discussions for his supposed “discovery”, but indeed Marcel termed this “4th PHASE EZ Water” ***”THE LIQUID CRYSTAL MESO-PHASE” IN THE LATE 1980’S. I know personally that Gerald POLLAK followed Marcel’s work closely, and given that Gerald presents this reality of Water as his original discovery, then there is no wonder why he does not EVER mention the name or the Great works of Dr. Marcel Vogel.

Marcel Vogel called the Vogel Crystal


Marcel Vogel realized, what several Nobel Prize laureates realized before him and since, that “Water is indeed, the essence of ALL LIFE, so it becomes about the structure of Water, and that only has so much to do with the chemistry, and more to do with the energetic of the substance commonly referred to as H2O; but as a computer scientist, Marcel saw water as a malleable SUPER COMPUTER.  He realized as Nobel Prize laureate A. Gyorgyi did, that it is ALL ABOUT THE CONTROL OF THE STRUCTURE OF WATER of the cellular fluids. Marcel went a step further and he realized that the control of the cell, came in communication with the cell, more precisely stated, he realized that the control of the structures of water in the cell, came from communication with the STRUCTURES OF THE WATERS of the cellular fluids. In this, came the conception and the birth of the classic VOGEL Crystal at the laboratories of IBM COMPUTERS in San Jose CA. “Since molecular structure of Water is the essence of ALL Life, than the man who can control that structure WILL CHANGE THE WORLD.  Dr. Albert Gyorgyi  Nobel Prize Medicine and discoverer of Vitamin C

The man who discovered the role of VITAMIN C, realized that he was not really looking for antioxidants as a source for longevity, he realized that it was ALL ABOUT THE STRUCTURE OF THE WATER OF THE CELL.

I humbly tell the world, that man who would change the world, was Dr. MARCEL JOSEPH VOGEL, who created the WATER RESONANT “CONTROL” FOR CELLULAR SYSTEMS; the VOGEL CRYSTAL.



Marcel realized that to affect the STRUCTURES OF THE WATER OF THE CELL systematically, that he would have to induce certain “codes” or patterns of energy into the cellular WATER Structure. It was not long before he realized that GEMS and FLOWER ESSENCES/HOMEOPATHIC materials, HELD EVERY CRYSTALLOGRAPHIC PATTERN NECESSARY FOR HEALTH AND HIGH CONSCIOUSNESS, WHICH ARE FOUND IN AND OF HEALTHY CELLULAR FLUIDS. Further, he realized that his VOGEL Crystal was the PERFECT tool, as the world’s only device with “Water Resonant Potential”, would be the ultimate way to effectively, systematically, qualitatively, and scientifically/quantitatively effect the molecular structure composing the cell itself. He knew that his VOGEL Crystal would move beyond the realm of consciousness and metaphysical properties and notions, and become a tool of resonant subtle piezo (quartz) electric and magnetic ‘code transfer’ with all biological systems. A tool that could not only amplify and transfer intention, but one that would work regardless of intent, as a matter of science and medicine, as well as spirit and consciousness. He knew that when it was finished, advanced, or completed, that the VOGEL Crystal would “CHANGE THE WORLD” and create a new medical paradigm as to health and consciousness therapies alike, by resonant communication and re-formulating, re-patterning, RESTRUCTURING THE WATERS OF THE CELLULAR FLUIDS.



I realized that the CLASSIC VOGEL Crystal was doing exactly was it was supposed to do and as Marcel said that it would, “AMPLIFY THE ENERGY PRESENTED INTO IT”, and I also realized that I could CHANGE the energy presented INTO the VOGEL Crystal. The only question was WHAT energy or energetic matter do I put inside of the VOGEL. My first thought was some certain energetic Minerals, but it was not long until I realized that GEMS were the KEY. Long AFTER marketing the first ARC Crystals and ARC GEM Lights, were we told by several people who knew Marcel, including Joe Blankenship, Dan Willis, and most recently physicist Adam Trombli who told us that “MARCEL WOULD HAVE DONE THIS” and “MARCEL WAS ONTO THIS”!!!

We have also amassed a great amount of Marcel’s research and presentations, as well as there have been several videos released since, that show us and the world that Marcel was THINKING about GEMS WITH the Vogel Crystal.  We say this to state that we did not stumble across a document that stated that Marcel planned to drill and fill VOGEL Crystals with Gems, minerals, and homeopathic ingredients; quite the contrary. We state this because we found the TRUTH and the KEY to unlocking the Vogel, in the same logic, inspiration, and spiritual science that Marcel did.


Through realizing the TRUE nature of the Vogel, we have been able to correlate Marcel’s work and tool across the world. We have correlated it to the top of DNA science through WATER, and we have understood his tool as one of “PIEZOELECTRIC & QUANTUM RESONANCE POTENTIAL”. We understand his tool better than he could have, in more arenas of science, energy, and quantum physics than he had even been exposed to. He knew that it would be a “NEW GENERATION THAT WOULD UNDERSTAND AND ADVANCE THE VOGEL CRYSTAL”, because he knew that his science may be decades ahead of his contemporaries. Research into WATER, DNA, MORPHOGENETIC FIELDS, CONSCIOUSNESS FIELDS, RESONANCE, BIO-ENERGIES, COMPUTERS, LASERS, RESONANCE, COSMOLOGY, and more, have led us to understand that MARCEL WAS TRULY AHEAD OF HIS TIME, and just as every great scientist or invention, it takes from 20 to 50 years for the world to catch-up. If you are here now, consider yourself LUCKY, BLESSED, and/or IN GOOD KARMA/DHARMA to see what is the GREATEST TOOL FOR THE HEALTH, LONGEVITY, AND CONSCIOUSNESS EVOLUTION OF MANKIND.




These GEMS are deemed ‘sacred’ by the Bible and most religions world wide for their therapeutic effects, mind/spiritual nourishment, healing energies, and their activities/benefits on energy and Chakra systems. The structures in these gems are the fundamental architecture of nature displaying their ‘sacred geometry’ in their atomic structures. Also deemed sacred because they were instructed by the Biblical God for the building of the Ark of the Covenant, Solomon’s temple, Aron’s battle breastplate, and many other Biblical undertakings. Priest, monks, monarchy, and all religious hierarchy use gems to this day by instruction from the Bible and nearly every text deemed sacred, because gems combined can have potent effects on people and all of the Electromagnetic systems of the world.