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“A Breakthrough in Holistic Health and Nutritive Sciences”

Piezoelectric NutriCeutical Gems

Supplement Enhancement and Frequency Therapy Jewelry

Healing, Health, Nutritive, and Holistic Medicinal Signatures energetically passed into the body by Quartz’s Natural Subtle Piezoelectricity, as well as the Magnetic, photonic, phonon/Vibrational Signatures of ARC Fillings.


When we discovered the true essence of the Crystal Energetics, by our invention of ARC Vogel Gem Light Therapy, ONLY then did we discover and understand the importance and validity of passing energetic signatures of gems, minerals, and homeopathic/medicinal signatures to the bio-energetic and Water systems of the body.

This understanding, as well as insight into the principles and science of Electro-Nutri-Ceuticals, allowed us to quickly realize, that the ARC Vogel is the ultimate natural way of energetically/electrically inducing vitamins, minerals, and other supplements into the body.

Edgar Mitchell Left 4th man to walk on the Moon, and one of the top physicist in the World Tod

Edgar Mitchell on the Moon! Edgar was granted a state of enlightenment as he looked at the Earth as a Water Bubble in Vast Space

Electro-NutriCeuticals maybe best described by former astronaut, physicist Dr. Edgar Mitchell PhD. He, Dr. Marcel Vogel, Dr. Apollo Stoppelbein, and a growing number of other scientist and researchers, understand the body’s potential to use, absorb, and process subtle electrical signatures of herbs, homeopathic remedies, drugs, vitamins, nutrients, and more, with the same actions in the body as if the substance was ingested.

The concept is maybe, most easily understood by this ‘phenomenon’, or true science of the body. There are highly classified lasers in existence that, if you were to shine that laser through a glass of Whiskey, and then pass that (whiskey encoded) light into your hand, the body and mind would then be effectually DRUNK. One would feel, and a person would exhibit, many of the bio-chemical, and all of the bio-electrical actions of intoxicated drunkenness. The same ‘phenomenon’ occurs if one shines this laser through a hand full of vitamin C. The body then goes through the processes as if it had just ingested the vitamin C internally. One might see why this laser is now a matter of national security, and the importance of it’s scientific action.

These realities display the same natural energy absorptions, transduction, trans-mutational processes of the body, that then lead to the bio-chemical properties, processes, and functions in the body. It is firmly reasoned that the bio-energetic processes, lead to the bi0-chemical, and not vise-versa. As we look at this, the alpha importance of the electrical aspects that the body become apparent.

 BioChemical V.S. BioEnergetic Health Care

It is ALL Energy Energy is Always INFORMATION

With Emerging Science giving insight and understanding into the Chief/ALPHA importance of Bio-Electrical processes, over the long held and failing model of Bio-Chemical basis and root of understanding and treatment of the mind and body. One can and should understand that the body is not chemical, the body is most definitely Electrical. One should also understand that there is no chemical interaction or reaction. There is only energy actions, Digital, Vibratory and energetic structural Physics. This is Digital, Vibratory, and Structural Physics Applied to healthcare, nutrition, and enhancement.


90-99% Water Molecule Body

Atoms bond due to Electromagnetic forces of basic attraction and repulsion, polarities, not ‘chemical’ properties or “reactions”. All things are simply Energy, atoms of blazing Electric Energy. Chemistry is a language written when mankind did not understand that we we are always looking at Energetic actions, merely Perceived as Matter. Scientist essentially created a language and science that was based on what they saw then. Now we see more, it is not that what we saw was so flawed, it is just now we see much more of our Universe than we did when we created the incomplete and therefore flawed science of Chemistry. Both of Apollo’s Grandpas were great and classic chemist, 1 was a Chemist/inventor, and the other was a Chemist and pharmacist, so it is through history and strong roots, that the Tree (of Life Tech) Grows.

Chemical Soup

Chemistry or PHYSICS


In this, the body is understood as a highly functioning battery, and not as a randomized chemical soup. A battery may be understood as a chemical soup, or it can be seen as a scientific capacitor, a battery of energy/information. Also, a transducer of energy, changing energy from 1 form to anther, and transmitter of energy. All batteries are designed to flow the energy that they store. Water, the body, batteries, and the Water-Body-Battery (the bio-energetic) needs certain atomic (energetic) patterns within its waters/battery fluids to function/flow energy as it was specifically designed. We are the same.

We are supposed to be highly functioning batteries, but we think, and we are treated as chemical soups. Most of us are aware of this, and many of us spend much of our time trying to detoxify the toxic soup. We add atomic structures through food, drink, supplements, medicines, air, and water, to our waters. 

THE BODY IS 99% WATER by Molecular Count of its atoms. We are a Water Battery, and the more that we understand this, the better off we will be. We are not 60, or 70, or 80% water, we are 99% Water. Only by other counts, such as weight, are we less. If you count our atoms, we are Water. 99.9+ % of our bio-chemical processes occur because of, and within our bio-water. All of our intakes of food, drink, and air should be taken in, only in order to facilitate proper battery functions. Energetic storage, flow and emission. Most people would describe the body, as a gasoline combustion motor car, but it is truly is an electric car.

Think of all of the vitamins, chemicals, and processes that are stimulated, created,or seemingly manifested in the body due to sunlight exposure. The light and radiant energy, unique to the sun and not re-create-able, directly causes the body to change, make/manifest, sequester and eliminate elements that it would not have, if the body had not been soaking up the sun energies. It is the very nature of the body, the mind, the bio-water, and the DNA absorb, use, process, transform, and transmit energy into what most Medical Doctors still perceive as chemicals and chemical interactions.

Noetic Science Ins. Founder on Board Apollo 14

Tree of Life Tech’s research correlates the Noetic Sciences Institute and the Institute for Progressive Medicine, as well as other biological and scientific research that clearly shows:

The body and/or mind can effectively absorb any vitamin, drug, supplement, or nutrient through low wattage electrical frequency signatures. Saving the body massive amounts of stress, toxicity, acidity, excretions, digestive disorders, and numerous other side effects and negative biological actions that come as a result of eating and digesting drugs and/or supplement’s atomic/molecule pattern into our water/bloodstream.

Drug Problems

We will not speak here, about the problems with side-effects and drug interactions. Those are well known facts of drugs. It should also be well understood; that the body, in a massive effort, rapidly excretes approx 90% of a prescription drug, recognizing it and treating it as a harmful toxin, and the body tries to rid itself of the drug as soon as it can. So people are literally prescribed, and their body has to excrete, 1,000X, I repeat, 1,000 times the amount of drug that the body actually requires for treatment. The same holds true for many vitamin and herbal supplement. They are notoriously hard on the digestive tract, and the body tries hard to excrete them before having to form the acid needed to break them down. This acid, the body knows is dangerous, so we have to literally force-feed the body 100’s or 1,000’s of times over, what the body would actually require to heal or be enhanced. This is especially true in the case of chemical based supplements; the body does not want its nutrients in these compacted, ultra-concentrated forms. Many doctors are promoting the understanding that vitamins/nutrients are supposed to be in food, spread out in our diets over the day(s). We understand that the body has many ways of ‘absorbing’ and manufacturing nutrients and medicinal remedies. Modern medicine has only made use of the force-feeding of pattern into the water and bio-energetic=physical systems of the body.


The body clearly has facilities and potentials to absorb the necessary patterns into our water and bio-energetic systems without internal ingestion. Giving us the same potentials and support that the digestion of supplements and drugs provide us. The body seems to need very little physical supplement mass to thrive. The body proves this with the excretion rates; it is not actually absorbing much. It is absorbing what we feed it, as a matter of cellular conduction and functions. This is achieved through the cell’s waters. Classically, eating Prescription and holistic drugs, as well as vitamins and supplements causes them to be digested and interlaced into your water, creating and bridging electrical pathways in the body that did not exist prior. This, of course can be a good thing, but the body does not like it’s water polluted. So as we look for a means of bridging electrical/chemical processes in the body, we must understand that they are All WATER and Energetic Processes.

Then we can conceptualize, as the body’s cellular waters are properly supported by the energetic architecture of a specific nutrient/drug signature, that the body will respond as if it had the physical atomic bridge, conducting the electrical/chemical process. We are only digesting the drug or supplement simply as a matter of getting to it’s atomic coding; it’s pattern and its Energy. Energy is information, information is always pattern… and you are what you eat. To understand that is to understand that we become the Patterns energy that we ingest on all levels is to understand the importance of all of the processes in which the body absorbs energy. This is to understand that we have been missing a vast potential, and science has now discovered it.


We have all heard of the EMF pollution, and many as, and since Tesla, know that Energy, EMF would one day be used to Heal and Enhance mankind. The Time is Now. 2012.  It is accomplished naturally, through energetic patterns, EMFrequencies that can support the body in various ways. All things are energy, and we are only in need of the specific information pattern, because the mass is just that, mass. The Mass is just as particle physics would understand it as, Empty Space, Perceived by the mind as Matter. The INTRINSIC ENERGETIC CODE/the Energy Pattern  is What ‘Matters’ to the body’s, and universal architecture. The Rest is Void space. Science has known this for a good while now, but getting it to the mainstream, well that is another story. Then there has been the aspect of actually getting these codes, in their fullness, to the body in a way that does not involve classic electricity. Mechanistic frequency generators have been shown to treat certain diseases, but they cannot to nutrify or provide vital/fundamental codes to the body due to their synthetic frequency. ARCs create Specific fundamental and supplement codes with Natural Rare-Earth Electromagnetism.

It is hard to calculate the effect of electro-nutriceutical supplements. What is obvious is that the body can go through the processes of building, healing, and living, having been given only the energetic code/pattern of a drug or supplement, and go about it’s processes just as if it had digested the physical nutrient. What is not clear is how to measure the “serum levels”, as there is (often) no physical mass of the nutrient, there is only energetic spawning and spurring chemical reactions and interactions as if there was the nutrient mass in the body. The Energy seems to act as an energetic bridge, making connections that we would normally make/connect/bridge with a physical supplement or drug.


Marcel Vogel Tree of Life Tech

Late IBM Scientist Dr. Marcel Vogel

PiezoElectric-NutriCeuticals™ are an accomplishment of Dr. Apollo Stoppelbein, in advancement of ARCrystal Resonant Health Science and device. Based on the principles established for the potentials of the Vogel Crystal, as described by its inventor Dr. Marcel Vogel, the concept of natural resonant transfer of medicinal, supplemental, and homeopathic remedies to the body, through water, is accomplished. Apollo used concepts left to us by one in the passing of the world’s greatest inventors and discovers over 20 years ago, and we have placed them in action publicly for the help and healing of mankind.

Marcel Vogel stated that ‘the Vogel Crystal would one day be able to effectively amplify, and resonantly pass homeopathic, herbal, supplemental, and prescription drug signatures into the body, through action of a future version of the Vogel Crystal.’  This was a large part of the “dangerous work that he was pursuing”, stating this just weeks before his death.

The Guide

“Through the potentials and realities presented clearly in and of the ‘new’ True Physics of water, we see that the unique atomic/structural and vibratory energetic patterns of vitamins and drugs ARE effectively captured, amplified, and passed/transmitted into the body in resonant energetic and vibratory codes. Essentially, holographic/light and vibratory patterns are imprinted into the cell, the cell ‘sees’ and ‘feels’ this light and vibration as material substance inside of the body! The Cell acts as if it had the material substance, and all subsequent actions persist. Through the science known as electro-nutriceuticals operating on what has been termed the A.C.E, Pathway, or the Alternative Cellular Energy Pathway, the cell can be influenced to heal and/or re-vitalize itself perpetually. Some might say that this is tricking the cell, others like us would say that the body is now showing us scientifically, that we are more like plants than carnivores. Streams of Perfected ARC Quartz Magnetism, subtle  piezo(gem)electricity, piezo-luminescence (gem light),  infrared, other photonics (light), and acoustic vibratory wave emissions of compressed gems, and frequency charged/transference minerals such as magnetite, combined with therapeutic and supplemental materials placed inside of the ARC Quartz, are effectively electromagnetically passing unique coding, energetic patterns specific to individual supplements and/or drugs, into the cellular fluids and blood/water stream.”   PiezoElectro Resonant NutriCeutical ACE Pathway Gems ˜Apollo Stoppelbein, Tree of Life Tech.

Magnetite has the ability to store and pass specific EM Frequency to other iron and magnetite. Every cell contains magnetite, and it is used just as the coating on the computer hard-drive to receive and radiate out EM, essentially ‘radio wave’ energy. Through this system, the body receives Entropic and Non-Entropic forms/patterns of energy/information, feeding it and decaying it continually. Again, think of the sun as we absorb, store, and radiate out its energy, the sun’s energies are passed into the skin, and into the magnetite of the bloodstream. Both positive and negative vibes and rays (frequencies) are absorbed by the body, causing positive functions, as well as negative/entropic aging factors. Energy brings life, and it recycles life. The body absorbs the sun’s life energy, but also UV rays that causes skin and DNA directly, leading to entropy, aging, and recycling.

The big word Frequency, simply means a measurement of energy’s pattern. Some energy patterns/frequencies directly destroy tissue and DNA by wave forms/patterns that destroy cellular water structure and thereby rip-apart molecule chains, while certain frequency patterns of energy directly pattern the water of the cell, and thereby enhance cell structure and processes, DNA and all bio-molecular processes of growth, sustainability, and vitality.


Through an ARC VITAGEM™, the body receives supplement/medicinally encoded, vibratory, light, magnetic, and subtle electric emissions, absorbing these specific nutritive and vital codes, energies, and information(s) through cellular magnetite, skin photo/light-receptors, and resonant vibratory transfers. We offer you the only ‘off-grid’, electro-nutriceutical, naturally electric, through the electric light of Gems, Quartz, Magnetic Minerals, and the Water Resonance of Vogel-Cut Crystals. ARC VITAGEMS™ are improving the lives of many.


The Effect and Result

Less physical mass ingestion, injection, and digestion of physical supplements and drugs.

How much less? Well, it seems that most of us take vitamins and drugs as a matter of ‘Feeling’ better. Correct? And NOT as a matter of holding certain serum levels of physical mass in our bloodstream. As our Friend Justin of Matrix of Life Tech says, “this work, and Marcel’s work is largely a Qualitative, not a quantitative science.” So how much less? Often 100% less within 3-6 months of wearing a single ARC VITAGEM Pendant. Again, as most of us are taking vitamins and drugs as a matter of feeling good, many VITAGEM wearers see drastic cuts in the amount of the supplement required for therapeutic effect. Most often, we see an average of a (depending on the specific medicine or supplement), 35-60% reduction of physical mass eaten, digested, excreted, and paid for. Many Supplements and drugs are withdrawn from completely by wearing an ARC VITAGEM. This of course, saves you money, but the fact is that any drug that is not ingested by your body is truly a graphic savings of acidity and toxicity that all drugs and most supplements incur within the body.

We have numerous clients that agree with ourselves; That wearing the VITAGEM aides in them feeling great, or at least much better, without ingesting as much, or any of the supplement or drug that was formerly necessary to feel good or have therapeutic value. We still spend the ‘big bucks’, as many do, to buy the best supplements for our family. We still buy the best Vitamins that we can afford; now we just take 50-100% less of them, depending on the supplement, just by each of us wearing our ARC VITAGEM Pendants.

We are finding out more and more about the problems with digestion and toxicity in even the best vitamins. More about Digestion and Toxicity

With VitaGems, you get Only the finest materials available for supplemental and holistic medicinal purposes. Since the materials that we uses, theoretically last indefinitely (capped inside of Gems), we can and do use the Very Best Vitamins, supplements, and nutrients that are the most bio-absorbable, bio-available and of the highest quality and standards known. One of Tree Tech’s many unique research correlations; we find that the most bio-beneficial and/or bio-available structures, are almost always pristinely crystallographic materials. This leads us to further understand their roles in the crystallographic structures and properties of the body’s water/liquid-crystal systems, as well as gives us great insight into how ARC VITAGEM Tech works. Crystallographic structures have unique and specific actions on waves and photonic energies. They have the ability to form and pattern wave energies into unique and specific patterns that are directly derived from, and based on the supplement/drug’s architecture/structures. The Crystallographic Structures embedded into an ARC VITAGEM, directly program and encode the wave and photonic emissions from the ARC.

ARC VITAGEMS use the finest supplements and holistic drugs in nature, crystallographic structures that encode the energetics presented by an ARC. The ARC VITAGEM passes these codes to you, in and through your water body, in electromagnetic subtle energy resonance.

Some of our favorite ARC VITAGEM™ fills, and why:

Coral Calcium: Ethically (dry) mined Coral Calcium 100% bio-available structure, and the unique energetic properties of coral. The body uses Calcium for the same purposes that water-based batteries do. For purposes of energy storage and conduction. Conduction that can be aided with ARC technology by giving the body the energetic bridges that it needs, the coding that is unique to these supplements, that will allow the body to build based upon the crystallographic information code of calcium.

Magnesium: One of the Great (energy) conductors of the body. A necessary part of life, most of us are magnesium deficient because of fruits and vegetables that are lacking, as well as supplements that use non-absorbable forms of magnesium. Eating or Wearing Magnesium, there is only one way to go. Magnesium Citrate, from citrus fruits. 100% absorb-able and marvelous bio-crystallography that is unique to magnesium citrate. We feel logically that the conductive minerals/metals that the body requires is largely, if not solely for the conduction of energy throughout the human system. So is you aid in its conductions by wearing the patterns needed for conduction, and putting those patterns into the cell energetically, then the cell will at the very least, require less of the physical mineral’s atomic structure to bridge its conductions. It is essentially taking the body to wifi instead of a hardwired dial up connection. Again, getting rid of the mass.

REVESTEROL- One of the finest in Fruit Power. The grape crystallographic cellular structure, and the stored energetics of thousands of grapes concentrated. This is a very powerful structure and energetic of Red and Purple Vitality, and High-Heart-Centered Consciousness

SPIRULINA:One of the most life-giving forces on the Planet. A powerful Blue-Green Algae, Crystallographic in nature, it is one of the most nutritive forces through its structure and subsequent energy flows.

The Auric Field of spirulina is amazing, because it is alive, teeming with life force. Wearing this in ARC Quartz, this field and pattern are amplified and passed into your field and Aura. Vitality, Longevity, Intelligence, Fullness, and your Water-Ocean connection and Consciousness.

LAVENDER- Bringing balance to the feminine forces. A powerful medicine or supplement, lavender has an energetic that is known through antiquity. Lavender in an ARC brings a spiritual healing, calming, and freshness to a crystal and your crystalline system. The atomic patterning, the vibration, and the stored life-force amplified, is the nature of All ARC VITAGEM enhancements.  Here is a great video showing the ‘Atomic” Power of Lavender.  We offer you to put this force, permanently inside of your ARC VITAGEM.

We hold PATENTS to do such vitamin, supplement, and herb, homeopathic and drug filings with/into all Gems and Crystals. At this time, we do not put Prescription/FDA Regulated drugs into ARC Crystals. As far as we understand, it is against the law to use the drug, or it’s atomic molecular pattern, outside of its ‘intended prescribed usage’. There are a variety of homeopathic, herbal, and holistic medicinal structure and frequency patterns that can be added to the ARC. Ensuring benefit to your energetic, and subsequently physical, pattern needs. You are Energy, Energy is Pattern in Motion. Evolve, update, or re-configure your pattern and motion. ARC GEM TECH.


ARC Technologies are considered and sold for experimental and research materials/purposes only. Any claims made about the medicinal factors of ARC VITAGEMS™, are solely (our) perspectives based on research conducted by Tree of Life Tech and affiliates, and is not to be taken as/for medical advice. See Our Medical Disclaimer.