Electromagnetic pollution (EMF) may be the most significant form of pollution human activity has produced in this century!” ~ Dr. Andrew Weil, Leading Health Expert

There are 2 ways that the body protects itself from Harmful EMF Radiations. 

1. Through The Patterns of the Aura. We are Literally talking about Force-Field technology and strategy. The Aura is your Scalar Structural Force-field or Energetic Filter against the waves of EMF energy that are trying to bombard your body all of the time. It is essentially, a perpetual pattern-based war. The Intensity and the Structure of the Aura is all that the body has to intersect and repel and block EMF frequency/wave patterns before they enter into the body. Letting some waves through and blocking others, the Aura is an intelligent Filter. The Aura’s strength and pattern is directly related to the bio-Water Structure. Namely, the pattern of emission that your DNA, heart, and mind’s energy sent through the patterns of the water of your body. Again, its All About the Water (Structure). The Emission of your bio-energetic system, through your every water molecule is determining the pattern, strength, and coherence of your auric force field. The foundation for the ‘Law of Attraction’ and EMF Protection is essentially, the more crystallographic your bio-water structure is, then the more crystallographic your auric field will be. And Visa-Verse. The Aura continually picks up pattens of energy from the environment (and your ARC GEMS), and the Aura continually feeds-back its energy/information patterns into the bio-water, continually affecting the bio-water’s structure positively or negatively. Entropic-ally or Syntropic-ally. ARC BIOGEMS™ Continually work to structure the water of your body, while Cohering and Patterning energy of the Aura. Both to the highest degrees known on Earth. Amplifying and intensity the Aura, Gem Cohering and Gem Structuring your field, Greatly Enhancing the Aura’s able to block EMF while producing and letting in all of the Good Vibrations. ARCs Pattern your Aura to the highest gem Scalar Wave Field Fractal Geometries known. Digital Physics.

IF/When EMF gets past your Auric Force Field, then it is up to the Cells.

2. Through the coherent patterns of the fluids in the cell membrane (cell-wall), certain waves of energy are blocked or allowed to flow into the cell. The Liquid crystal cell wall fluids are, just that, crystallographic. Again, this is a pattern based system that acts as gates to the energy flows into and from the cell. If the cell wall or the Auric Field’s pattern/coherence is deteriorated, the body is exposed to far greater radiations, and the body does not expel the radiation from the cell/body fluidly. The degeneration of Cellular Fluid and Auric Field Structures are seen as entropy, as they are a loss of their fundamental/sacred geometries, a loss of energetic coherence. Entropy is now seen by science as dehydration. Our Technology and research gives us reason to pose that this is caused by loss of the coherence of water molecules surrounding the cell and DNA. The intelligent patterns for clustering, stacking, bonding etc are lost and the body literally evaporates. EMF is causing many issues in our lives through the degradation of our auric to cellular communication paths and patterns, as well as DNA degeneration through the destructing of the molecular water structures that should be staked intelligently onto to the DNA. Through the patterns of EMF that we absorb into our water-based minds; our synapse, hormones, emotions, intelligence, and spiritually are affected greatly affected by EMF.

ARCrystal’s act as NO other tool to bring Coherence to the Auric Field and Cellular Fluid’s crystallographic systems. There is no other tool that has the power and the capacity to reformulate the cellular waters or the Auric field to the degrees/geometries as of an ARC BIOGEM™.  Bringing Coherence and the highest structures in Nature to the Bio-energetic and Fluid systems of the body through Gems and Quartz’s Natural Subtle electric Energy and Vibrational Resonance.